Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stacy Nash Hanging Cupboard Pieces

As I continue to clean, organize, declutter, and try to make sense of my work room, I decided to take a break and share a couple of hanging cupboard pieces.  I have many favorite designers and designs.  Samplers will always be my first love, but there is room in  my needlework heart for many other kinds of needlework in addition to samplers.

For myself, I find stitching smalls gives me a break from a BAP and also gives me quick results, which makes me think I am accomplishing something.  Stacy Nash Primitives is one of my go to designers when I need that quick fix.

This is Fancy Peacocks Hanging Pinkeep, Thistle Manor version.  Yes, I changed the initials--they are Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda's initials.  I also changed some of the colors.  It is a mini sampler with the alphabet.  This pinkeep hangs on our corner cupboard.  (This corner cupboard was the very first piece of furniture AppleJack and I bought together).  One day I will share its story.

The second hanging cupboard piece is also a Stacy Nash Primitives design called Early Style Bluebird Cupboard Sampler.  Of course, I made a Thistle Manor conversion.  The original design had Ohio stitched at the bottom.  The Thistle Manor version was changed to Tenn and the year Tennessee became a state.  This cupboard piece hangs on one of our antique dry sinks which AppleJack refinished several years ago.  AppleJack has many talents--aren't I the lucky girl?

Okay, breaks over, back to the Work Room.


  1. Beautiful pieces! I have a bunch of SNash charts and have only stitched ONE. I need to get going on them now that I am finally doing some smalls. Lovely work!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful pieces! Stacy Nash has always been one of my favorites -- at least as far as collecting charts goes. lol! I need to stitch some of the charts I have in my stash!

  3. Both are gorgeous. I am curious do you live in a place called Spring Creek?

  4. Love your Hanging Cupboard pieces. Stacy Nash has some wonderful designs.

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