Sunday, January 29, 2012

Clouds and Stars

 It is a beautiful sunny cool winter day in Music City, I am still cleaning, sorting, and organizing in my work room.  I have confessed I am a S L O W stitcher, now for my other confession.  Hey, it's Sunday and confession is suppose to be good for the soul. I have ADD.  Not just any ADD, but stitcher's ADD--it's a special kind of ADD.  Come on, 'fess up.  I suspect there are others who might suffer with this diagnosis.

While cleaning, sorting, and organizing in my work room, I allowed myself to get distracted and started working on stars and clouds.

I have added a few more stars to the 2012 Stars Christmas quilt.  There are many more stars to be made.  I have been studying quilt designs and am trying to decide how I want to set the stars together.  I foresee a trip to the Quilt Shop for fabric.  A friend told me about a new quilt shop so sounds like a road trip for AppleJack and me.

I have also been working on the clouds on the right hand side of the sampler--An All Was For An Appil.  I did not make my goal, but that's okay, am still making progress and that's what is important.  Right?  Here is what Appil looked like before the clouds on the right.

Now here are the clouds

Almost finished with the clouds--I have the afternoon to stitch.

This is Appil to date.  Since I am so close to finishing the clouds, it is time to set a new goal.  Both AppleJack and Callie Mae are taking a Sunday afternoon nap, so time for me to get myself in gear and get that needle pulling thread.


  1. I love AAWFAA... great sampler. I like those star blocks too.

  2. Beautiful stitching on your sampler! Those quilt squares are so pretty, can't wait to see the completed top!

  3. Love the stars for your quilt. And AAWFAA! For some reason I just can't get into my AAWFAA. Seeing yours, maybe I'll be inspired. I'm not happy to see there are more clouds though. lol! Beautiful work!

  4. AAWFAA is one of my favorite A&E samplers. There is some very intense stitching, but it's so worth while. Love your star quilt blocks.

  5. Nice progress on both of your WIPs!

  6. I don't know how I missed this post but I have found it now.

    I am very tempted by AAWFAA. Hope you post more photos as it grows.