Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Memories 2016

Middle Creek Church

AppleJack, Mother and I took a walk down memory lane yesterday.  We took a trip to places of importance to Mother during her growing up years.  Many members of her/my family were members of this church: Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins. Grandmother Rebecca faithfully walked to this church, my parents met at this church.  If you are a visitor to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park you might recognize it.  The church is a very photographed and painted piece of Sevier County history.

Country churches almost always have cemeteries.  This is the burial place of my Grandparents Luther and Rebecca and in the back my Uncle and Aunt.  There are many more members of my family buried in this cemetery.

This is the barn (still standing) on Grandfather Luther's farm.  I made many trips to the barn with Grandmother Rebecca.

They don't build them like they use to!  This barn is nearing a 100 years old.  Hope I look as good as it does when I am her age.  

This is the sanctuary of our church, the choir is singing the Hallelujah chorus and it was beautiful.

Sweet, sweet Easter memories 2016.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jo Morton Christmas Log Cabin

Jo's Little Favorites
Christmas Log Cabin
Finished size 16" x  21"

Here is my latest addition to the growing Jo Morton little quilts--Christmas Log Cabin.  I enjoy seasonal decorations and did not want Christmas to sneak up on me.  (Yes, I am very slow)

Here are some of the things I learned while making this quilt:
  • Instead of using holiday fabric, I choose seasonal fabric (reds and greens for Christmas) 
  • Replace dull blades and needles, makes for more accurate cutting and sewing.  However, use caution when replacing rotary blades they are sharp! (Yes, I have trimmed some fingernails and needed band aids.  In addition to being a slow sewer, I am also a klutz).
  • Dig into your scrap pile.  The strips for the log cabin are 1" wide.
  • Slow stitching helps with accuracy--the one time when my slow stitching becomes an asset
  • If you are new to quilting, the log cabin design is a good place to start.  You don't have to worry about points and the design is very versatile
  • Nice backs make nice fronts
  • Rely on help from your assistant

    Miss Callie Mae Calico, best assistant ever!
Am still deciding on the next quilt, the choices have narrowed down to two:  Nine patch checkerboard or Meg's Four Patch.  Like most others I have a full schedule and with warmer weather my garden needs attention.

This is the backing fabric--I thought the white in the fabric is like little stars brightly shinning.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Erica Michaels Designs

Erica Michaels
Nancy Alden, 1795 (reproduction)
Now that the Nashville Needlework Market 2016 is in the history books, I will share Erica Michaels (Linda Stolz, designer) beautiful releases.  Linda is one of the stitch girls who attends the Homespun Gatherings Reunion Group.  Yes, it is wonderful to have our very own designer in the group.

Here is what Linda writes about the sampler:  
I stumbled across the original tablet format sampler one day at my local frame shop and was delighted when the owner allowed me to reproduce it.  That bird in the lower corner really grabbed my attention, but the entire sampler is wonderful.  It's likely English, although we don't know much about Nancy Alden at this point.  Mostly worked in cross stitches, there are also eyelets and a few bullion knots, with the Lord's Pray and Apostle's Creed worked over one thread.

Linda had chosen small motifs from the sampler and stitched them.  As her time allows, she will be finishing them into needlebooks, etc.  She had mounted the bird onto a small hornbook and with the holes could be used as a threadboard. 

The smaller strawberries are stitched on silk gauze, the larger berries are stitched on linen.  Difficult to choose a favorite. These strawberries were awesome and Linda has many more creative ideas floating in her head for more strawberry designs.   

Saturday, March 12, 2016

December 25th Pinkeep

Stacy Nash Primitives
Country Sampler Girls Club
December 25th Pinkeep

I took a break from quilting today to finish up the Stacy Nash  pin keep.  My mojo slump has put me behind with the club projects.  After finishing the pinkeep, I picked up another pinkeep called Love is All.  With a television marathon, the piece is stitching quickly.

Is anyone else suffering from Downton Abbey depression?    Sunday nights will not be the same.  Oh well, we still have our needle and thread to keep us company.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sadie's Quilt from Jo's Little Favorites

Sadie's Quilt (aka Callie Mae's Quilt)
from the book Jo's Little Favorites
20" x 24"

When I first saw Sadie's Quilt in Jo Morton's book Jo's Little Favorites, I knew I wanted to make this quilt.  In the book Jo writes:  What's autumn without a seasonal quilt accenting your home?  I'm not big on the name Sadie and since Miss Callie Mae Calico is a calico and her kitty fur is much like the colors in this quilt, I changed the name to Callie Mae's quilt.

This is the backing fabric.  Someone gifted this fabric to me a couple of years ago and with the oranges in the quilt this seemed a good choice.

Each time I make a small quilt it is a learning experience.

  • the Creative Grid rulers called Itty-Bitty Eights designed by Primitive Gatherings have made a big difference for me in cutting and measuring accuracy
  • Pins, pins and more pins are my new best friends
  • If the fabric is flimsy, I use spray starch to give the fabric some additional body
  • using a design wall/board helps me with layout.  A trip to Lowes for a form insulation sheet and a  50% off coupon at JoAnn's for quilt lining made an affordable design wall
  • Patience  (Small quilts require time and patience) 
My quilt (flimsy) doesn't look exactly like the one pictured in Jo's book, but it is close enough for me.  This is going to be a really fun quilt to use for fall decorations.

It's a beautiful warm spring like day here in Nashville.  Fresh air and garden clean up will give me some time to think about my next Jo quilt.  Am torn between starting the Christmas Log Cabin or Meg's Four Patch doll quilt.  The log cabin would sure be nice for Christmas but I need a spring quilt.  Decisions, decisions.