Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pre Celebrations

July is a big month at Thistle Manor--there are birthdays, weddings, and  a Fourth of July celebration.  

Next week Thistle manor will be celebrating all three.  

Friday, June 29, 2012

Morning Walks at Thistle Manor

Today's high temperature  in Music City was 109 degrees!  Yes, 109!  It is hot!  Today's temperature set an all time record high!

One of the many things which I loved about Grandmother Bessie was her love and appreciation for early mornings.  As a teenage, I never understood why Grandmother wanted to begin her day so early. Why get up with the chickens when I could sleep in an iron bedstead with sheets which had been dried by the sun?

Grandmother Bessie was smart--common sense smart!  Grandmother learned the temps in the Volunteer state can be brutal.  Grandmother knew it was much cooler in the mornings and doing her gardening chores in the early morning was easier than waiting until the heat of the day.

 As I have gotten older (cough), I am beginning to understand Grandmother Bessie and her ways.  AppleJack and I take early morning walks.  We find the early mornings to be quiet, peaceful and serene.  We listen to the Morning Doves coo.  We watch flowers open their blossoms.

Another one of Grandmother Bessie's secrets:  a good gardening hat.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Real Huswifes of Thistle Manor

I don't watch The Real Housewives of . . .  any city.  There are many reasons I do not watch the housewives and the most important reason is because Thistle Manor has its own version of the huswifes.   I find the cast of characters of the  huswifes of Thistle Manor to be much more interesting that those of New York, New Jersey, Orange County and Atlanta.   Introducing the Huswifes of Thistle Manor.

This is the original housewife.  She came from Carriage House.

This is the originals sister.  She also came from Carriage House.  These two hang out together and stick with each other thru thick and thin.

This is a Stacy Nash class piece

This is also a Stacy Nash--Garden Gate

The front of Garden Gate

This is the inside of With Thy Needle

And the front

This huswife speaks southern French--she's from the French General

This huswife calls herself The Anniversary--see that date.  Yep (gulp) that does say 2002.  Want to know why she isn't finished?  Everyone say together "Queen Stitches."

This is a a Sampler Cove huswife.  It is all flame stitch.  

And there are the  huswifes waiting in the stash.  Another Sampler Cove.

These two are by Cherished Stitches

This is Sarah by Blackbird.  Fabric already selected and waiting.

Of course I am very partial to the Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda housewife.  In case any of these huswifes decide to give up their roles in Huswifes of Thistle Manor, I am pretty sure there are others willing and waiting to take their places.

I overheard a rumor on Sunday that the producers of The Real Housewives was in Music City aka Nashville doing auditions for the next version of the show.  This is really scary.  If/when the show airs you will find me at home with my cast of huswifes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Real Huswives of Thistle Manor. . .coming soon

Who watches the real housewives of . . .?  You can fill in the blanks with the city and wives of your choice.

I admit, I do not watch them.  I won't go into all the reasons.

Where am I going with all this?  I was doing some housecleaning today and kept coming across housewives:  stitched, finished, completed and incomplete.  AppleJack keeps telling me I should be keeping track of my projects.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the real housewives of Thistle Manor.

I'm off to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter.  And who says I don't know good television?

Monday, June 25, 2012

What do you get?

When you combine aged black walnuts

with a piece of linen

and my latest Goodwill find?

Ahhh, nice aged linen

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Until Next Year Dear Friends

It is officially Summer

The hot, hot temps are beginning to take its toil

The blooms are beginning to fade

Perennials are like dear friends

They come each year for a visit

We enjoy each others company and all to soon

We say good bye until Next Year

Friday, June 22, 2012

Road Trip Southwest Point

No stitching or quilting today, I took a road trip.

Doesn't this look cool and inviting?  This is Watts Bar Lake at Kingston.

There is an excellent walking trail along the lake front.

During the Fourth of July celebration, the lake will be filled with hundreds of boats waiting for the fireworks!

There are beautiful flowers planted by the walking trail.

Site of Southwest Point, a military post established in the territory of the United States South of the River Ohio by General John Sevier.

Does anyone know what this is?  It made national and international news for several days/week.  It is the Kingston steam plant.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stash Reduction

One of the goals I have set for myself is to reduce my fabric stash.  I was looking for something the other day and realized I had several 5" squares from charm packs.  One of the ladies in the Jo Morton class had made a quilt using squares from a charm pack and this seemed like a good way to utilize some of the fabric from my stash.

While laying out the squares I also found fabric I can use for the borders.  The only fabric I will need to purchase is fabric for setting the quilt.  In order to restrain myself from purchasing more fabric, I will be wearing a rubber band on my wrist and each time I see a fabric I want to purchase I will use the rubber band to remind myself the goal is to reduce my fabric.

Naming this quilt is not going to be a problem--I'm calling it the Bepto quilt.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adam and Eve Wall

I have been giving thought to an Adam and Eve wall.  There are so many wonderful Adam and Eve walls:  Vonna, Margaret, and Laurie have awesome ones.  Debra at the Thread Gatherer has a wonderful Adam and Eve sampler by The City Stitcher.  Faye also has some great Adam and Eve pieces.  There are countless others and I am considering starting an Adam and Eve wall at Thistle Manor.  You see it's that snake thing.  Since finishing An All Was for An Appil and seeing all the great Adam and Eve walls I am working on my snake phobia.  I have a start:

An All Was For An Appil 
Scarlet Letter

Mary Corey
Threads of Gold

I think the snake is a punch needle design by Hooked on Rugs 

Adam and Eve
Remember the Ladies

In the Garden
La D Da

So. . . I have an Adam and Eve wall in the making!  All I need to do is some stitching, some framing and some hanging.  Famous last words:  "this shouldn't take long."

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My secret quilting weapon aka square in a square ruler

One of the many things I enjoy about quilters and stitchers and gardeners is their sense of adventure.  They are forever listening and watching and learning.  They listen for new tips, new ideas, new ways to do things and especially a new place to shop!

After Jo Morton class on Saturday, my partner in crime and shopping Carmen and I decided to take a short road trip to Spring Hill and check out a new quilt shop.  Several quilters had been talking about the new shop and since it was a pretty day and we did not have other pressing plans, we decided Saturday afternoon was the day.

Dancing Bobbin is the name of quilt shop in Spring Hill and it did not disappoint!  There were lots of yummy fabrics (some of them half price), a long arm quilting machine in operation and two of the nicest owners/quilters.  There were many beautiful quilts on display.  There were quilts being pieced and some being quilted.

As were talking with our newly found kindred spirits, Linda showed us a wonderful ruler called a square in a square and showed us how to use it.  Eureka!  Two of the most impressive things about this ruler is the speed and accuracy in piecing.  There also seems to be an endless variety of patterns.

The next Jo Morton class is Flying Geese.  The quilt is tiny--doll size!  Several years ago AppleJack refinished a crib size spindle bed.  I will be using my new secret weapon square in a square ruler to make a flying geese quilt for the bed.  Remember, all that wonderful Blueberry Crumb cake fabric I purchased earlier this year?  I will be using it in the flying geese quilt.

So far the square in a square has been very enjoyable to use and I am making great progress!  Tonight, I suspect AppleJack will find me fast asleep with the quilt book on my head as I study, plot and plan future quilts using this ruler and book.

Are there other secret quilting weapons out there waiting for me to discover?