Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Real Huswifes of Thistle Manor

I don't watch The Real Housewives of . . .  any city.  There are many reasons I do not watch the housewives and the most important reason is because Thistle Manor has its own version of the huswifes.   I find the cast of characters of the  huswifes of Thistle Manor to be much more interesting that those of New York, New Jersey, Orange County and Atlanta.   Introducing the Huswifes of Thistle Manor.

This is the original housewife.  She came from Carriage House.

This is the originals sister.  She also came from Carriage House.  These two hang out together and stick with each other thru thick and thin.

This is a Stacy Nash class piece

This is also a Stacy Nash--Garden Gate

The front of Garden Gate

This is the inside of With Thy Needle

And the front

This huswife speaks southern French--she's from the French General

This huswife calls herself The Anniversary--see that date.  Yep (gulp) that does say 2002.  Want to know why she isn't finished?  Everyone say together "Queen Stitches."

This is a a Sampler Cove huswife.  It is all flame stitch.  

And there are the  huswifes waiting in the stash.  Another Sampler Cove.

These two are by Cherished Stitches

This is Sarah by Blackbird.  Fabric already selected and waiting.

Of course I am very partial to the Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda housewife.  In case any of these huswifes decide to give up their roles in Huswifes of Thistle Manor, I am pretty sure there are others willing and waiting to take their places.

I overheard a rumor on Sunday that the producers of The Real Housewives was in Music City aka Nashville doing auditions for the next version of the show.  This is really scary.  If/when the show airs you will find me at home with my cast of huswifes.


  1. Wow, you have some great huswives there!! I love them all, including the WIPs and the stash to come. Queen stitches are a pain, right? But just think, if you get them done, you'll be so good at them! lol! Thanks for the tour -- love it!

  2. I've gone over this post several times, and again tonight. Just love it. Great stuff!!