Friday, June 29, 2012

Morning Walks at Thistle Manor

Today's high temperature  in Music City was 109 degrees!  Yes, 109!  It is hot!  Today's temperature set an all time record high!

One of the many things which I loved about Grandmother Bessie was her love and appreciation for early mornings.  As a teenage, I never understood why Grandmother wanted to begin her day so early. Why get up with the chickens when I could sleep in an iron bedstead with sheets which had been dried by the sun?

Grandmother Bessie was smart--common sense smart!  Grandmother learned the temps in the Volunteer state can be brutal.  Grandmother knew it was much cooler in the mornings and doing her gardening chores in the early morning was easier than waiting until the heat of the day.

 As I have gotten older (cough), I am beginning to understand Grandmother Bessie and her ways.  AppleJack and I take early morning walks.  We find the early mornings to be quiet, peaceful and serene.  We listen to the Morning Doves coo.  We watch flowers open their blossoms.

Another one of Grandmother Bessie's secrets:  a good gardening hat.

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