Monday, August 12, 2019

Exceedingly Diligent

In All Things be Exceedingly Diligent
Needlework Press 2018
Legacy Linen 37 ct Russian Tea Cake
Au Ver A Soie silks

Saltbox Stitcher is such an enabler!  Carol, the Saltbox Stitcher showed her framed Diligence sampler and I was smitten.  This sampler is long and skinny (406 stitches wide and 95 stitches high).

When I finish the stitching it is going to be approximately 24 inches long.  No worries, I already have a spot picked out where it will hang when finished and framed.

This is my first time stitching a Needlework Press sampler/design and my first time stitching on 37 ct Legacy linen--I like them both!

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.
Abigail Adams

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Second Chances

True Confession:  I am more than a little envious of those who have great thrift store finds.    Seems like I am constantly seeing great finds either on floss tube, Instagram or blogs.  Second hand stores, consignment shops, antique stores are some of my favorite shopping places.  I think I need more time and patience to successfully find great items.

Last Saturday, before meeting up with the Homespun girls, I had some time to kill and thought I would shop one of the local Good Will stores.  When I saw this basket, I said to myself:  "that basket is handmade."  

When I turned the basket over, sure enough, Viola had dated the basket with her name and March 10, 2006.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Am sure Viola had worked hard to weave the basket and hopefully she never thought it would be sold at Good Will for $1.99.  The basket reminded me of the New Beginnings Prayer:  Oh God of second chances and new beginnings, here I am again.  Viola's basket deserved a second chance and a new beginning.

The pewter plate sits on our kitchen table, holding our salt and pepper shaker and reminding us to give thanks.  The cut glass relish tray will be used at future gatherings.

With these finds, I am encouraged to give thrift stores a second chance.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Box

Yesterday was Gathering Day for the Homespun girls.  Late last year, one of the girls had suggested we participate in a box exchange.  The idea was to choose a box and fill it with twelve stitching goodies:  something fun,  our favorite color, something sharp, an accessory, an embellishment,  something patriotic, etc.

The exchange was played like dirty Santa.  All boxes were carried into the Gathering in a brown paper bag so no one knew who brought which box.  

Who doesn't love chocolate?  and Godiva chocolate?  The box was beautifully tied with a chocolate brown silk ribbon.  I was number two selecting a box and I kept my fingers crossed while all the numbers were being called, hoping no one would steal my box.

Just look at all the goodness inside this box!  This Grasshopper felt like she had choose wisely.  I knew that Godiva box would be filled with stitchy goodness and boy, oh boy was I ever right.

The beautifully stitched scissors pillow (with a Stacy Nash design) had a pocket on the back.  Inside the pocket was this beautiful pair of scissors.

The patriotic strawberry was stitched with the finest of tiny stitches.

A patriotic, coverlet biscournu for my dough bowl.  Great finishing job--and the maker's first time finishing a biscournu.  Check out that chicken made with French General fabric and tiny beads for eyes.

Pom pom trim from Lady Dot, beautiful threads for Christmas or maybe a flower and vine.  AppleJack has his eye on my magnet wand.  Shh, I already put it in my traveling stitching bag.

So who was the gifter/maker of my box?  The same stitcher who just finished Sarah Braizear, the 2018 Queen of the May sampler from Hands Across the Sea in record stitching time:  Judy!

Judy calls the sampler one of her tablecloth samplers--it is big 27 x 27.  There are not enough words to describe the beauty and skill in this sampler.

Thank you Linda for suggesting the box exchange and thank you Judy for my box.   Beautifully stitched and finished projects.  I hear this all the time and will never grow tired of hearing "stitchers are just the best."  

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Juliana/Julia Ann

Julia Ann Fletcher 1847
The Scarlett House/Tanya Brockmeyer
Released at Nashville Needlemarket Market March 2019
stitched on 40 ct Old Massachusetts linen by The Primitive Hare
AVAS 4531(lamb) Needlepoint Ink Silk 209 (dress) and 877 (white in dress) the black is Gloriana India ink

This is the Julia's needle roll--love the repeating letters.  

The black fabric is for backing, the red check fabric is for the needles and she will be tied together with the ribbon.

When Julia, the pinkeep and Julia the needle roll are FFO'd they will live in this Robert LeHays Shaker carrier.

A little history about the two Julia's.  Juliana Steinz Shultz was my fifth great Grandmother.  She married Johan Martin Shultz at Christ Luther Church in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Julia Ann Shults was Martin and Juliana's youngest daughter.  The family moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to the western territory of North Carolina (which would become Tennessee).  

Julia Ann married Richard Regan in 1796.  Timothy, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Daniel, Jane, Aaron, Nancy and David are their children who survived to adult hood.  They had three children who died in infancy.  They lived and are buried in Emert's Cove, Sevier County Tennessee.

Thank you Tanya for a great design and inspiration to stitch more of my family history.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Seeing Red

Red, one of my favorite colors and so challenging and frustrating.  There are orange/reds, pink/reds, blue/reds and green/reds.  My favorite red is fire engine red.

Two of favorite reds is Lancaster Red and School House Red.

The Blackbird Girls pulled out all (maybe not all, but several) their reds when they designed the sampler stockings.  

I'm ready to start stitching Christmas in July and my selection is the next Blackbird sampler stocking from their book Home for the Holidays.  

Aztec Red linen and French General fabric--hard to go wrong with these two.

Yes, French General fabric is some of my favorite, they know how to do red and I know how to hoard their fabric.

One of my favorite biscornu's, an oldie but goodie (I think this is a Chessie and Me)

Volunteer Red Daylily!  

 red bow tie quilt


wool applique

Red--I love you, forever on the quest for the perfect red.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Catching Up

Well, where have I been?  Yes, it has been almost two months  since I updated this poor neglected blog.  No, I have not given up on blogging and yes, I do intend to be more diligent with updates.  I wish I could say I had been on sabbatical, or an exotic vacation, or had completed a gazillion projects or aliens had captured me and I just returned to earth, but I can't say any of these things.  So, what I have I been doing?  I'm in summer mode:  reading, pulling weeds, walking, eating summer foods, watching Flosstube being enabled.  Sometimes I stitch or enhance my stash.

The Old Tattered Flag
Skinny Saltbox
Stash Floss (and lots of it)

Blackbird Designs
Home for the Holidays Book
My Heart is at Home

Grrr. My camera and computer are not playing nice with each other and I couldn't get the completed piece to download.  I have been hoarding some French General fabric for the backing.

Kathy Barrick
Good Intentions

Needs a few more stitches and then she is off to the framer.  This is one of my favorite verses.

Sister Suffragatte
USA Vote Button
Summer House Stitche Works

Finished in time to wear for the 100 year celebration of women gaining the right to vote.  Thank you Harry Burn for casting that deciding vote.  Since Tennessee was the state who ratified the 19th amendment, I am hoping there will be a special celebration at the Capital--I might sneak away from work and join in the celebration.

Julie Ann Shults (Julia Fletcher)
The Scarlett House
40 ct linen by The Primitive Hare
India ink by Gloriana

The Scarlett House released Julia Fletcher at market and I fell hard for her.  When completed, there is a needleroll, a pin cushion and scissors fob which fit into this LeHays Shaker tray.  Julia Ann Shults is part of my family tree.  The spool came from my Grandmothers sewing box.

It takes many many squares to make a queen size quilt and I have many many squares to sew.

In All Things Be Exceedingly Diligent
Needlework Press
Legacy Sotema Linen 37 count Russian Tea cake

This seemed like a good companion piece to Good Intentions.  Gosh, has there been a great deal of promotion about the Legacy linens.  I will admit the linen has a beautiful feel to it.  The Diligence sampler is wider than it is taller and looking forward to adding variety to my sampler wall.

Stash enhancement
Does anyone else struggle with the color red?  There are orange reds, pink reds, blue reds.  The linen is a sampler pack sold through Needle in a Haystack--it was a great sampling of colors of the Legacy linens.  Little House Needleworks released a sweet piece called Suffrage Act, will add a nice patriotic touch.  

I'm sending virtual flowers to our stitching sister Faye Riggsbee, Carolina Stitcher.  Faye fell breaking her arm and elbow and is recovering from surgery.  I am very fortunate to have one of Faye's beautiful stitching rolls and bags.  Faye was wise enough to instruct her surgeon to install a turbo stitching arm!  Rest, heal, recover and come back strong!

July brings a special gathering for the Homespun Group--a box exchange!  Looking forward to seeing all the creative pieces.  July brings a big birthday for me and AppleJack has been working on some sweet secret gifts.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Stitch Maynia 2019 or Stitch Nine Challenge

Social Media is buzzing with Stitch Maynia 2019.  There are so many great ideas and ways to participate in this event.  True confession, I have never participated in Stitch Maynia, the though of starting a new project every day for nineteen days or thirty-one days is enough to make my eye twitch, my head spin and send this "I have how many WIP's girl, running for the quiet and security of my stitch room.  Now, having shared some of my fears and phobia's, I will also say, reading and watching about everyone's plans is motivating and inspiring.  There are so many great ideas and ways to participate in Stitch Maynia and visiting one's stash and stroking linens and fibers is pure delight.

Faye (Carolina Stitcher) and Nicole (Nicole Needleworks) have an interesting approach to Maynia, they are calling it Make Do.  Over 70 years ago, Americans were encouraged to be frugal to help the war effort.  Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without was used as a rallying cry for frugality.  Lynette and her Frugal Yankee retreat would like this idea.  Faye and Nicole are selecting designs, linen, and fibers which they have in their stash instead of acquiring more.  Great idea girls, Grandmother Rebecca and Mother Dorothy highly approve.

To spread the excitement and enjoyment of Stitch Maynia 2019 or Stitch Nine Challenge, I decided to spread the love and include WIP's, quilting, hooking, punching, stitching and finishing.  Nicole is spreading her love by starting a new project every other day and working on a new start for two days.

My limited approach to Stitch Maynia 2019 or Stitch Nine Challenge

With a grateful heart I can say I have sufficiently recovered from the scourge of the dreaded poison ivy to continue needlework.  The Old Tattered Flag, Skinny Saltbox has been loaded onto my Nistock Farms punching frame and I "shopped" through my fibers and found a sufficient amount of fibers for this project.  In the spirit of Make Do, I also have the bread board to use for mounting the finished piece.

Am really enjoying "using up" the five inch charm squares, some of them have been in. my stash for years.  Am waiting on an order of shirting fabric to continue with the setting.  AppleJack and I have family which will be graduating high school and starting life on their own.  Nothing says love like the warmth and comfort of a quilt.  We older girls know there are going to be times in their life when they will need love and comfort.

Memorial Star is all ready to go.  Most of the wool came from my stash.  The design has been in my stash a few years.  Thanks to Liseanne and Ron Miller and the Beat the Heat and March Madness events, I found the needed background wool.

WIP's, FFO's and new stitching starts:

Finish the Adam and Eve motif from the Hands Across the Sea Sampler, Elizabeth Furniss.  Am so very close--maybe this weekend.

The stitching part of this project has been completed for more than a year, the assembly part is waiting for my needle and thread.  This is Rose Garden Sewing Basket from Stacy Nash,

When Brenda Gervais released O Tannenbaum, I was so excited!  Would be so nice to have this piece completed for Christmas 2019.

Saw the cutest idea for stringing these stockings across a headboard.  It would be easy to have visions of sugarplums dancing in your head with these strung along the headboard.  These stockings are from the Home for the Holidays book by Blackbird Designs,

Lori Markovic released this small at market.  Small enough for some instant gratification and motivation.

Last project is Good Intentions by Kathy Barrick.  If there is a phrase which I can relate to more than Use it up, it is Good Intentions. I myself am made entirely of flaws stitched together with good intentions.  Oh Kathy Barrick, you were thinking of me when you designed this piece weren't you?

Ssssshhhh, if I had the courage to start 19 new projects here is what they would be:

  1. Shakespeare's Peddler (Theresa Vennette) Jenny Bean for the Parlor
  2. Flag Folk by Notforgotten Farm (Lori Brechlin)
  3. Spring Garden Needlework Trio by Blackberry Rabbit (Karen Kirk)
  4. Summer in Baltimore With Thy Needle and Thread (Brenda Gervais)
  5. Horse Country Holiday Artful Offerings (Karina McMillan Hittle)
  6. Kringle & Woolard Plum Street Samplers (Paulette Stewart)
  7. Coverlet Christmas Scarlet House (Tanya Brockmeyer)
  8. Sarah's House sampler Blackbird Designs (Barb and Alma)
  9. Anna Grater 1812 Scarlet House (Tanya Brockmeyer)
  10. Sally Spencer Birds of a Feather
  11. Sunday Social punch needle (Shawn Williams)
  12. Ann Wright 1726 Pinkeep Drum Samplers Not Forgotten (Kimberly Nugget)
  13. Garden Birds La D Da (Lori Markovic)
  14. Sister Suffragette Summer House (Beth Seal)
  15. Julia Fletcher 1847 Scarlet House (Tanya Brockmeyer)
  16. Baby It's Cold Outside Heartstring Samplery (Beth Twist)
  17. Pomegranate Pocket Hands on Design (Kathy Haberman)
  18. Homestead Snapperville Bent Creek
  19. My Home Needlework Press (Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett and Maegan Jennett)
It was a fun visit through my stash.  Whatever your plans are for Stitch Maynia 2019--enjoy, have fun.