Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Big Squeeze

It's that time of year again, time to schedule the annual mammogram.  I am a glutton for punishment, I schedule my annual physical and mammogram on the same day and if possible I also schedule my dental cleaning.  I dread each and every one of these doctors and procedures and try to schedule them on the same day so I only have one day of dread and misery instead of three. 

If the anticipation of the big squeeze mammogram isn't bad enough, I'll share my last two mammogram experiences.  In 2014 while having the mammogram, there was a fire alarm which sounded.  I didn't hear the alarm, just the pounding on the door and being told everyone had to evacuate the building.  The tech starts pushing me out the door in all my glory.  This was not the way I had planned to leave.  I had arrived at my visit fully clothed and I had every intention of leaving the same way!  "No time to get dressed" she said so I grabbed my yellow rain slicker and prayed the zipper was working.  Now, if a case of nerves of having a mammogram isn't bad enough add the evacuation of a building, throw in not being fully clothed and just for interest toss in the rain outside.  Not one of my better days or moments. 

Fast forward to mammogram 2015.  Sweet AppleJack having heard about my 2014 mammogram experience decided to drive me to the appointment to help take the edge off.  All was going well, the two of us sat in the waiting area quietly reading the Wall Street Journal and chatting with others in the waiting area.  My name was called and I went back for the big squeeze.  Whew!  No fire alarms, no evacuating the building, nothing eventful just very routine stuff. 

As I was leaving, I noticed there were no other patients, no other nurses, no techs, no office staff, no one in the waiting area and no AppleJack.  There was no one!  There was no one to ask and since I had left my cellphone with AppleJack no one to call.  As  I tried to wrap my head around my situation and figure out what I needed to do.  I decided to walk outside thinking there might have been another emergency and maybe another evacuation.  Sure enough there stood a parking lot full of people.  It wasn't a fire which caused the evacuation this time, it was a disgruntled patient who had become so outraged, he started making threats to the staff.  Security decided it was in the best interest of everyone to clear the area.

So. . . for those of you who have scheduled your annual mammogram, I understand your anxiety and hope your visit for the big squeeze is uneventful. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Doe, A Deer

And Heaven and Nature Sing
Kathy Barrick
NPI Silks, Vintage Pecan Butter
The last time I shared my progress on this piece AppleJack said it looked like a coffeetable with wonky legs.  Hopefully this time it looks more like a deer.  There is still work to be done.  At least the deer has all four legs and a head.
Music City aka Nashville, like other parts of the country has been experiencing some bitter cold temps and we currently have eight inches on snow on the ground, a record.  Time to hunker down with warm wool socks and stitch. 
Here is a recipe for killer Hot Chocolate recipe I found on Pinterest, very tasty and loaded. 

Polar Express Hot Chocolate
1.5 cups heavy cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 cups bittersweet chocolate chips
6 cups milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Needlework, cold temps and snow, warm socks and hot chocolate--try to find the best about each season and enjoy it.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

American Eagle

Like many of the things in my life, I have many thoughts about blogs.  I love reading them, seeing the creativity, reproducing tasty recipes, seeing growing and changing families,  people sharing the highs and lows of their life.  Blogs are time consuming.  It takes time to take photographs, download them and write a post.  I miss those who have stopped posting on their blogs and am delighted when someone reappears.  

Blogs help me to find the creative side of myself.  For example, Gail, The Middle Sister shared photographs of the home of a friend.  While enjoying the home tour, Gail had a photograph of a hooked chair pad.  My creative juices started flowing and I went searching through old issues of Primitive Quilt magazine until I found an eagle motif.  Out came the freezer paper, out came the wool bins and soon I had drawn (traced) off my own eagle for a chair pad and selected wools.

So. . .once again, reading a blog gave me an idea.  I think an American Eagle chair pad will work nicely in this chair.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jo's Little Favorites and Organization

Santa did find his way to my house during Christmas.  He didn't come the usual way "eight tiny reindeer pulling a sleigh."  Santa came with hip boots and driving an outboard motor boat because we had rain, rain and more rain and it stopped raining  long enough to rain some more.  Santa was kind enough to leave some cabbage (money) in my stocking.  Santa being the intelligent guy that he is knew one of the items on my Christmas list was Jo Morton's new book called Jo's Little Favorites and Santa knew this book was being released in January. 

While waiting for my delivery, I did some more shopping with my Christmas cabbage (money) and found these.

They are fabric boards from Primitive Gatherings.  In Lisa's words to help me organize my "collection" of fabric.  The fabric boards will help me to clean up my sewing room and it will be so enjoyable when I am auditioning fabric.

So what does a girl do while she is waiting for Amazon to deliver her new book and USPS to deliver fabric boards?  She goes fabric shopping!    I found a new to me fabric shop called Whittle's Fabrics.  Whittle's is located just outside Smith's Grove, KY which is about a 70 mile drive from Nashville.  They carry some of favorite designer fabric:  Judie Rothermel, Jo Morton, Buggy Barn, Marcus, Primitive Gatherings, and Windham.  The price per yard of fabric is very affordable and fat quarters are even more affordable.  I left Whittle's with a big smile on my face and an arm load of fabric!  They have a web site and if you are looking for fabric at discounted prices they are worth a look.


Time to break in my new book and get started on a new quilt

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas 2016

Welcome 2016!  While I was packing away Christmas decorations, I found these embossed prints.  One of the reasons, I seldom organize my sewing area is after my cleaning and organizing I can never find anything.

I had "organized and packed" Christmas decorations so well, I had forgotten I had these.  The top one is called Christmas Album and the bottom one is called Poinsettia.  Since I will never be able to appliqué or reproduce such miniatures, I resorted to the next best thing--embossed prints.  Now, that these treasures have been located, I will be sure to include them in Christmas decorations 2016.

And Heaven and Nature Sing

The time between Christmas and New Year's is wind down time for me.  After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I use this time as quiet time to pack away Christmas, start my holiday list and work on projects.  Each year I try to stitch one Christmas design.  This is And Heaven and Nature Sing.  I asked AppleJack what he thought and he told me he thought it was a Queen Anne coffee table whose legs are gone amuck!  Hmm, guess I need to get busy on that deer.

Country Sampler--Stacy Nash Girls Club
December 25th Pinkeep

Have also been working on the last Country Sampler kit by Stacy Nash--will make a great addition for the dough bowl.  Thank goodness this design does not require a great deal of concentration as AppleJack and I have been watching College Bowl games.  The stitching is much more enjoyable when our teams are winning.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Dishes

Only two more sleeps until Christmas!  Whew, is time flying.  Time to dig out the Christmas dishes.

The Ruby Red vases were a gift to AppleJack from his great aunt--the reds are playing nicely with each other.  (just need to add some greenery)

The solid red dishes came from Wally World aka Walmart.  I'm hoping Santa has some more of these red dishes in his sleigh.
One of our traditions is a BIG country breakfast--homemade biscuits, milk gravy, country ham, fresh squeezed orange juice, blueberry jam or molasses, scrambled eggs.  Yum Yum  Sometime during the day we will take a long walk to burn off some of the calories and enjoy the quiet of nature.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Early Arrivals from the North Pole

2015 Stacy Nash Primitive Handwork Club
Country Sampler Spring Green, WI
 I can't wait to  sink my needle into this beauty--primitive, Christmas and Stacy Nash--a great combination.  

2015 Colonial Gathering Club
On Redware Road, The Scarlett House

Another beauty with wonderful fiber colors and birds on big flowers with a tall house.  My style all the way.

Merry Two (A Bowl Full of Merries)
Plum Street Samplers
I was asleep at the wheel when Paulette released the first Merry and missed ordering.   If you are listening Paulette please release this design again.  Santa, the reindeer and sleigh and a snowman--what's not to love?  This will be a great addition for either my tree or dough bowl Christmas 2016.

Little by Little Ann Pennsylvania Peacock

 Ann has been patiently waiting in my stitching bag for a few years.  Am taking some liberties with Ann she will become Anne Magnolia Jackson, AppleJack's Grandmother and will be a gift to his daughter and granddaughter.  With a name like Anne Magnolia she's just calling to have her own sampler.  One of my challenges with Anne has been converting the fibers to NPI silks and finding just the right sampler fabric.  One of the things I miss most about loosing LNS's is the linen.  I am a visual person and buying linens on line is just not the same as seeing it in person.

Another design which has been in my stitching bag for a few years (gulp).  AppleJack treated me to a pair of Dovo scissors just for cutting wool.   Am trying a new product with this applique--hope it works out.  Am told the secret is heat, heat and more heat when pressing the wool