Sunday, August 28, 2016

We Gather Together

Lucille's beautiful quilt--her first quilt!  Her color choices of the blues and beige's work wonderfully together.

Ruth is working on the Mary Slatter sampler from the Worcester Art Museum collection.  Like Anne there are painted faces.

Jane's bee skep rug--another beauty in the making. Jane says she ran out of one of the gold colors and someone shared a similar color from their stash.

Cathy's Rachel Hyde sampler from Threads through Time.  She made some modifications and made it a memorable sampler for her husband.

Cathy's covered Polish pottery bowl from Old Colonial.

Mary Ann's Christmas houses--a Prairie Schooler design I think.

Anita made great progress on her rug.

Courtney says this is for her son's room.

Annie Magnolia makes one last appearance in TN and then she is packing her bags for AR. Lynne the framer did a great job adding her painted paper face.

Another great gathering--beautiful projects, good food, laughter and time with kindred spirits.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Jo Morton Little Favorites

Saturday is the Homespun Gathering.  One of my favorite things about the reunion group is the sharing of completed projects.

The long armed quilter did a fabulous job on the Jo Morton Little Favorites.

The Baptist fan quilting on the Christmas log cabin is just over the top.  I followed Jo's direction about the single fold binding.

This is a Stacy Nash club piece.  

Another Stacy Nash club piece.  One of my favorite Valentine sayings.

I also have two pieces to pick up from the framer:  Annie Magnolia and Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.

Now to decide on what food to share.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

1803 Ohio Basket

1803 Ohio Basket

One day while reading blogs (Maude and Mozart) and reading Facebook (Dying to Stitch), I saw this long narrow basket.  The basket was filled with smalls.  Displaying seasonal smalls is one of the many things I enjoy about needlework.  My challenge with displaying smalls is they sometimes get lost in the dough bowl or basket.  The 1803 Ohio basket looked perfect for smalls as it would hold a large number.

Herb Gathering Basket

With the Rio Summer Olympics in full swing I'm showing my patriotic spirit while cheering on the USA.

Cannon County White Oak Split Basket

My tastes are traditional and this egg basket is one of my favorites.  One of the items on my bucket list is to take a basket weaving class at the John Campbell Folk Art School.  Yes, I am one of those crazy people who wants to take a walk in the woods, select the tree, split the tree and weave the basket.  Some would call this crazy, I think this would be a perfect vacation.

Another blog (sorry can't remember the name) had used baskets to display hooked rugs.  I use this laundry basket to store and display quilts.  Don't tell Callie Mae or I will find her curled up in the quilts asleep--she's a smart kitty.  Another way to display hooked rugs is in a crock.  Mother any time you want to pass the kraut crock onto me I have the perfect use for it--soft and warm not smelly.

Seeing the 1803 Ohio basket was a great way for me to justify some of my time spent on the computer.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Primitive Quilts North and South

Primitive Quilts Magazine
Summer 2013

My sewing room is a mess!  It looks like someone set off a bomb and closed the door.  In an effort to clean up the sewing room and finish another project, I have resumed work on the North and South quilt.  I've got a lot of work ahead.