Sunday, August 28, 2016

We Gather Together

Lucille's beautiful quilt--her first quilt!  Her color choices of the blues and beige's work wonderfully together.

Ruth is working on the Mary Slatter sampler from the Worcester Art Museum collection.  Like Anne there are painted faces.

Jane's bee skep rug--another beauty in the making. Jane says she ran out of one of the gold colors and someone shared a similar color from their stash.

Cathy's Rachel Hyde sampler from Threads through Time.  She made some modifications and made it a memorable sampler for her husband.

Cathy's covered Polish pottery bowl from Old Colonial.

Mary Ann's Christmas houses--a Prairie Schooler design I think.

Anita made great progress on her rug.

Courtney says this is for her son's room.

Annie Magnolia makes one last appearance in TN and then she is packing her bags for AR. Lynne the framer did a great job adding her painted paper face.

Another great gathering--beautiful projects, good food, laughter and time with kindred spirits.


  1. So many wonderful projects! I did a lot of cross-stitch in a former life, so those projects catch my eye. But I must admit that the bee skep is my favorite, and I have never hooked a rug. : )

  2. Looks wonderful! What a joyful gathering!

  3. That looks like a great time!! So many beautiful projects!!

  4. Stitching with friends is such a pleasant way to spend time. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

  5. What an awe-inspiring gathering you had! I am intrigued by the covered Polish pottery bowl. And Annie Magnolia looks grand.

  6. So many wonderful projects. What a great gathering!

  7. So glad you the chance to show Annie Magnolia. She looked lovely.

  8. Such wonderfully talented women in your group.
    I love all the gorgeous Show & Tell.
    Thank you for sharing all these beautiful works with us!

  9. So many lovely projects, what a beautiful quilt, someday I shall learn to quilt.


  10. What a beautiful array of projects. You have some very talented friends.

  11. I am coming up on completion of the Slattery.. who
    is the framer who expertly places the painted faces? Is he/she in TN? Would not want to mar anything in this final stage. Many thanks for the