Monday, September 5, 2016

Come Together

North and South
From Primitive Quilts Magazine
Summer 2013

My projects all seem to start the same way:   There is an article or a piece in a magazine which catches my eye or I see something on a blog or pinterest.  I start reading the article and studying the instructions and say to myself "that doesn't seem so difficult, I think I can do that."  

And that is where the trouble begins:  my ambition and imagination overloads my skill level.

The design for this quilt is in the Primitive Quilts Magazine Summer 2013.  The finished quilt in the magazine is 37 1/2" x 46"  the fabrics are from a Civil War charm pack.  My finished quilt is 54" x 71."  Looking through my stash I had several charm packs and thought it would be interesting to make it a true North and South quilt with Yankee blue on one side of the quilt and Johnny Rebel on the other side surrounded by gray.  Me and my big ideas!  

I was sweating bullets with the gray fabric.  Frugal cutting was the theme of the day as I began cutting the setting triangles and sashing.  Setting blocks on point always forces me to put on my quilting thinking cap and remember to sew the rows on the diagonal rather than across.

I have spent most of Labor Day laboring over this quilt keeping the sewing machine and iron hot while I tried to complete all the sashing and get all the blocks joined together.  Backing fabric?  Time to check the sash.  


  1. It is very pleasing to the eye!
    Had to laugh about your ambition in making things bigger.
    I admit I am lazy and tend to make things smaller. : )

  2. Beautiful quilt. I always have to think twice - or three times when setting blocks on point. ;-)

  3. This is beautiful, I have never seen a North and South Quilt, love it.


  4. All of your labor has paid off with a very cool quilt with a historical theme, I'm sure each quilt bumps up your skill level:0)

  5. Wow, your North & South quilt turned out Stunning!
    Congratulations on your beautiful Labor Day finish.

  6. Another very lovely quilt! The optics of that one are very interesting.

  7. What a clever way to make this quilt your very own by using your color choices - I think it turned out great - you were well up to the challenge!!!!

  8. It's fantastic! You are a talented quilter!

  9. its' absolutely gorgeous ! you did a super job and I hope you enjoy it this winter - have a great weekend - Mel