Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wool Applique

I treated myself to a new book--Wool Applique by Rebekah Smith.   Her applique is detailed and her stitching techniques bring the wool/piece to life.

This is one of my favorite designs from her new book.  Rebekah brings this patriotic design to life with the different stitches.  An otherwise flat design becomes dimensional.

Antique Pomegranates
Ginger Sanchez

In a couple of weeks Liseanne Miller with P for Primitives will be coming to town for a Beat the Heat workshop. My  project for the Beat the Heat workshop is going to be this table runner.  Gulp, let's not talk about the length of time this piece has been in my stash and waiting for my attention.  With Liseanne's guidance and Rebekah's book, I hope I can bring this piece to life.  One of my new tricks for keeping the blanket stitch evenly spaced was to mark off 1/4" on my thumb. 

Some of the best parts about Beat the Heat Workshops:  shopping, good food, laughter, beautiful projects in progress and completed.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gathering with the Reunion Group

The Red Deer Sampler
Stitched by Linda 

Saturday was gathering day for the Homespun Reunion Group.  Gathering Day is so much fun--there are beautiful finishes to see, delicious food, laughter, ideas, and sharing.

Linda also stitched this basket full of goodies.  Aren't those strawberries awesome?

Apologies--I'm not sure who stitched all this stockings, they will be wonderful for Christmas and can be enjoyed for many many years.

Delilah stitched this quilt--her Granddaughters love it

For all the cat lovers--great job Cathy.

Lori found this hand pieced star quilt while shopping at Goodwill--it was $6.99.  It will be hand quilted by one of Lori's friends.

This is Lori's tumbler flag.  The binding follows the outline of the tumblers.

Gathering Days-Fun Days.

Monday, June 8, 2015


On Friday, I carried Grandmother Bessie's heritage quilt to Susan, the long armed quilter.  While Susan works her magic quilting the flimsy, I have been giving thought to the label.  

What will become of this quilt?  Twenty years, fifty years, a hundred years from now will someone look at the names on Grandmother Bessie's quilt scratch their head and ask who are these women?  
Nice finishing touch...label

The quilt label is the very last detail of a quilt.  A quilt label should include the name of the quilt, the name of the quilt maker and long armed quilter, the city where the quilt maker lives, the year the quilt was completed and the purpose for the quilt:  a gift, a special event, a memorial.  

quilt label 1 from Vicki Bellino

Pinterest is full of great ideas for labels.  One idea I especially like is including part of the selvage with the name of the fabric line and designer. 

Timeless Traditions--quilting label

 Since the quilt is all about women, I liked the label with a woman figure and write the pertinent information on the apron. 

 I have also thought about making the label a pocket or envelope and including a letter giving a brief explanation of the women and their relationship to Grandmother.

I'm open for suggestions.  The images of the labels are not my own, they are images I found on Pinterest.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More about Margaret

Margaret Cottam
Three Part Mystery Sampler
La D Da
32 ct 18 Century Brown
NPI Silks

Margaret Cottam aka Maggie Shults has not been forgotten!  My stitching mojo went on spring break and has not returned.  

Like most all samplers which I stitch, I have taken license to make it my own and Margaret Cottam is now Maggie Shults (or will be when I finish stitching the M in her name).  Maggie was Grandmother Bessie's older sister and this sampler will be fondly called Aunt Maggie.

The stitch girls will be getting together later this month and I was hoping to have Aunt Maggie finished and ready to share.  If anyone sees my stitching Mojo, please send it packing home to me.

Between spring showers, pulling weeds, planting the garden, pulling weeds, enjoying the return of garden blooms, pulling weeds and my on going battle with poison ivy, my needlework projects have taken a back burner.

And I found this at quilt store.  My girl Jo Morton has once again come to my rescue.

Backing fabric for Grandmother Bessie's Heritage quilt.  Since the quilt is all about the women in Grandmother Bessie's life, backing fabric with women seemed the perfect match.

I've made progress on Margaret aka Aunt Maggie, it's time to complete this sampler.