Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gathering with the Reunion Group

The Red Deer Sampler
Stitched by Linda 

Saturday was gathering day for the Homespun Reunion Group.  Gathering Day is so much fun--there are beautiful finishes to see, delicious food, laughter, ideas, and sharing.

Linda also stitched this basket full of goodies.  Aren't those strawberries awesome?

Apologies--I'm not sure who stitched all this stockings, they will be wonderful for Christmas and can be enjoyed for many many years.

Delilah stitched this quilt--her Granddaughters love it

For all the cat lovers--great job Cathy.

Lori found this hand pieced star quilt while shopping at Goodwill--it was $6.99.  It will be hand quilted by one of Lori's friends.

This is Lori's tumbler flag.  The binding follows the outline of the tumblers.

Gathering Days-Fun Days.


  1. Wonderful work, thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. When friends gather and share their lovely projects, it's always motivation until the next time.

  3. Its so inspiring to get together with other stitchers... such fabulous work!

  4. beautiful display from the gathering of friends. Where were your things?
    Can't imagine finding that quilt top for 6.99 - how sad but how lucky your friend was to save it. Love the variety of day lilies in your previous post. Have a great week ! Mel

  5. Wow, love seeing all the beautiful handiwork! So lovely!

  6. So wonderful to get together with stitching friends! Such lovely I want to stitch!

  7. Just seeing this post! What fun to be able to gather with crafty friends! Thank you for sharing the assorted projects.

    Robin in Virginia

  8. Betty, I just stumbled upon your blog a few minutes ago. How fun! The stockings are mine. Hopefully, they will be sewn up soon. I have a couple of large shutters from my mom's antique house (stored in the barn) that will be scrubbed and painted soon. I intend to hang the finished stockings by month on these shutters in the master bedroom. Hope to see you soon at the next Gathering.