Wednesday, June 3, 2015

More about Margaret

Margaret Cottam
Three Part Mystery Sampler
La D Da
32 ct 18 Century Brown
NPI Silks

Margaret Cottam aka Maggie Shults has not been forgotten!  My stitching mojo went on spring break and has not returned.  

Like most all samplers which I stitch, I have taken license to make it my own and Margaret Cottam is now Maggie Shults (or will be when I finish stitching the M in her name).  Maggie was Grandmother Bessie's older sister and this sampler will be fondly called Aunt Maggie.

The stitch girls will be getting together later this month and I was hoping to have Aunt Maggie finished and ready to share.  If anyone sees my stitching Mojo, please send it packing home to me.

Between spring showers, pulling weeds, planting the garden, pulling weeds, enjoying the return of garden blooms, pulling weeds and my on going battle with poison ivy, my needlework projects have taken a back burner.

And I found this at quilt store.  My girl Jo Morton has once again come to my rescue.

Backing fabric for Grandmother Bessie's Heritage quilt.  Since the quilt is all about the women in Grandmother Bessie's life, backing fabric with women seemed the perfect match.

I've made progress on Margaret aka Aunt Maggie, it's time to complete this sampler.


  1. Looking good! Love that backing fabric. Hope you get rid of the poison ivy. I had an awful case once -- never want to have it again. Have you heard of Zanfel? It's really expensive, but it works really well!

  2. What fabulous backing fabric you found for your heritage quilt. Margaret is looking good.

    Robin in Virginia

  3. What a nice tribute to your Aunt.
    Love the quilt backing, very primitive looking.
    Oh my poison ivy ick, get better soon.
    I hate pulling weeds.


  4. hopefully when summer sets in - your stitching mojo will show up again. The sampler is lovely and the quilt backing is quite perfect I think. Cheers! Mel

  5. Your samplers are wonderful pieces of family history. What a treasure. Hope your stitching mojo doesn't take long to come back.

  6. Margaret or I should say Maggie looks good. I hope you get that mojo back soon. She will be wonderful when finished and a great tribute!