Monday, June 8, 2015


On Friday, I carried Grandmother Bessie's heritage quilt to Susan, the long armed quilter.  While Susan works her magic quilting the flimsy, I have been giving thought to the label.  

What will become of this quilt?  Twenty years, fifty years, a hundred years from now will someone look at the names on Grandmother Bessie's quilt scratch their head and ask who are these women?  
Nice finishing touch...label

The quilt label is the very last detail of a quilt.  A quilt label should include the name of the quilt, the name of the quilt maker and long armed quilter, the city where the quilt maker lives, the year the quilt was completed and the purpose for the quilt:  a gift, a special event, a memorial.  

quilt label 1 from Vicki Bellino

Pinterest is full of great ideas for labels.  One idea I especially like is including part of the selvage with the name of the fabric line and designer. 

Timeless Traditions--quilting label

 Since the quilt is all about women, I liked the label with a woman figure and write the pertinent information on the apron. 

 I have also thought about making the label a pocket or envelope and including a letter giving a brief explanation of the women and their relationship to Grandmother.

I'm open for suggestions.  The images of the labels are not my own, they are images I found on Pinterest.


  1. great idea about making sure to label your quilt. They say the same thing about creating rugs but I think only 1 of mine is labeled. Since I have no siblings and no children - I'm quite sure all my stuff will get thrown out in the trash when I go around the bend. Hope you have a great week ! Mel

  2. I try to label all my quilts I always include my maiden name so if a future generation wants to learn about me its a little easier.

  3. I love the idea of imagining future generations looking at your lovely quilts!

  4. I love Bessie's quilt! And labels are always good to put onto the quilt, but lately I've gotten lazy about this and really must do better.