Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 The Year in Review

Television viewers are being inundated with year in review stories.  With two remaining days in 2013, it is time to recap needlework projects at Thistle Manor.  As I was sorting the photos, I was hoping there were more finishes to share.  Will start with the rug hooking.

Thanks to the help of my friend, Jan Adams, the flag rug finally became a reality.  Let's don't talk about the length of time, this project languished in the stitching bag.  No the whale rug is not finished, a goal for 2014.

All My Scattering Moments by Goode Huswife. 

Bees Blessing

Not pictured, but also finished and framed Adam and Eve by La D Da, Mehitable Wright by Pineberry Lane, Lydia Emaline by Pineberry Lane and the Bessie Shults memorial sampler.  Another goal for 2014, more stitching.

In my goal to reduce my fabric stash, the sewing machine was humming.  This is Flying Geese.

My favorite finish, a Jo Morton HST pinterest project.

Pottery Shards another Jo Morton

Jo Morton's Broken Dishes

Rasberry Swirls or Goose Tracks, yes another Jo Morton

Susie's Nine Patch

Table runner projects, made using the binding tool.

Cathy, the long armed quilter made the runners extra special with her quilting.

Pink! Pepto! 5" charm square's

Time for some rationalization:  I pulled a million weeds, canned tomato juice and made apple butter!  On New Year's Day, if I am brave enough and can find my courage, I will face the unifinished projects of 2013. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Introducing William Wintertime

It's no secret I have a special relationship with snowmen.  Auntie M knowing my fondness for the snowman sweetly gifted me with a snowman for Christmas.

William Wintertime is above average.  He has been cleverly made, his body is a gourd, his scarf and cap are made from socks.

His arms are made from old wire.  

The snowmen of Thistle Manor arrive with the Christmas decorations.

The snowmen remain on "snow watch" after the decorations have been carefully packed and returned to storage and spring is on the calendar.

Welcome to the snowman brigade William Wintertime, hoping you bring a more accurate forecast!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gingerbread Goodness

Nothing says Christmas like a gingerbread house

Easy to understand children having visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a house adorned with Hershey's Kisses?  How about a Hershey bar for a front door.

Best be prepared for guests.

Hope the guests, eat the cheese and fruit and not the front door!

Sunday, December 22, 2013


December 22, 2013, two days before Christmas.  Last minute preparations are underway.  The tray for Santa's milk and cookies has been located and strategically placed on the hearth.  (A Shepherd's Bush, golden oldie.)

Treasures from Christmas past, greeting family, friends and guests to Thistle Manor.

Miss Callie Mae reminds me it is important to make everyone feel welcome and to help them have the spirit of Christmas.

A new handmade ornament for my very special Grandmother tree. This ornament was made by Janet (The Rogue Quilter).  This ornament is so special I will share it's story in another post).  

The inside cover of a Liberty Hill box.

Thistle Manor has been a beehive of activity (as have most homes).  Sneaky Secret Santa missions, homemade cookies to share with the neighbors, packages to be mailed and picked up at the Post Office, weary delivery men, last minute grocery shopping.  Yes, a very busy time of the year and if it doesn't all get done, it's okay.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last minute details

While sitting in church this morning, the minister reminded everyone there are nine days until Christmas!

So many last minute details, do I use the green dishes

or the red ones?

Pancakes and sausage or ham and eggs for Christmas morning breakfast?

 I am hoping to hear the Christmas elves ringing the doorbell with some last minute deliveries.

I'll keep the lights on for them, just in case.

These guys aren't helping, they are suppose to be bringing snow but instead brought freezing rain and ice.

AppleJack says take a deep breath, calm down--everything will be magical on Christmas morning.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Annual Christmas letter to Santa

Dear AppleJack Santa,

Miss Callie Mae reminded me this morning there are fourteen days remaining until Christmas.  I am very late in writing my annual Christmas letter, apologies please.  The elves are slaving in the workshop working diligently to complete all the Christmas orders, the reindeer are eating extra portions needed for the long night of deliveries on Christmas Eve and Mrs. Claus has been struggling with a broken oven.  It's a tough job being Santa and you are handling the job like a champ.

Since I am late in writing my annual letter and am giving you my Christmas list on short notice, I am going to keep it simple:

  • A Lone Elm Lane wooden box--those Blackbird designs sure look nice in these boxes.  My favorite color is the Robin's egg blue.  I promise I will stitch at least one design for the box (Gulp)
  • Membership to a Girls Club--there are so many wonderful choices it is hard for me to choose just one.  There are the Girls Clubs through Country Sampler (Maggie Bonanomi and Stacy Nash), Notforgotten Farms Little Stitches Club and the new Colonial Gatherings Club with Dying to Stitch.  Since you make wonderful choices, just pick one.
  • While we are speaking of clubs--how about a retreat?  The John C Campbell Folk Art School in North Carolina is having a retreat, Dipped in the Dye Pot its about dying wool.  I could dye wool and you could take a much needed vacation in the mountains and prepare yourself for Christmas 2014.  You also mentioned a visit to Liberty, Missouri--I could visit some wool shops and you could enjoy some KC barbecue.  Always thinking of you, AppleJack Santa
  • Embroidery scissors and needlework minders make great stocking stuffers
  • If you are running low on time, a gift certificate from the framer would also be appreciated.  You know, for all those Adam and Eve samplers I keep yapping about.
  • Normally I would suggest a gift certificate for the Nashville Needlework Market.  Since the market is usually around Valentine's Day, I'll save that one for Cupid's list
  • Callie Mae asked to be remembered.  She is hoping you will bring her an upstairs cat condo.  She says, "a cat girl can never have to many condo's and she would hang out with me in the workroom.  We both know she needs another condo for her pretty head.
I'll end the list there--sure don't want to appear greedy or unappreciative.  You can share the lump of coal and switches with the neighbor down the street who neglected to rake his leaves.  Your favorite home baked cookies will be waiting by the hearth and there will be carrots for a reindeer snack.  No worries about falling through the roof, we repaired it this summer.


A very, very, good girl and Miss Callie Mae

Saturday, December 7, 2013

More Fa L La at Thistle Manor

There are times when Mother Nature and Old Man Winter get together and conspire.

I had other plans for today.

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter had cold temps and freezing rain plans

Change in plans, nice home day with AppleJack and Miss Callie Mae

Re-enjoying Christmas pillows from years past.

More decking the halls

Christmas stockings hung with care

Gifts to be delivered

I love the magic of Christmas

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Singing carols while decorating

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

When friends come to call

Caroling in the snow

Hearts will be glowing, when loved ones are near

It's the happiest time of the year

Be of good cheer

Chrismasas long, long ago