Sunday, April 30, 2017


Scarlet Letter
Emma Lerch
stash linen
Ver A Soie Silks

All kinds of titles rolled through my pea brain when I was composting this post:  It's not easy being green, turning the corner, beating the boredom of borders.  Kermit the Frog would like this sampler because it has six colors of green.  I'm giving Emma a pass on her heavy usage of green and just say she was using what was available to her.  Emma, my kind of girl--even though the border looks symmetrical it is not.  A few added stitches here and there, some leaves with more stitches than others keeping me on my toes.  It matched!  No fudging!  Whew--it is the simple things in life:  a border with all sides matching, makes me a happy girl.  (Yes, I do have an iron and from the looks of Emma's wrinkled condition, it would have been a good idea to have used the iron.)

To compete with the boredom of stitching the border, I have jumped inside and started stitching the very large grassy meadow below the house.  The grassy meadow is 36 rows of stitching.  I'm not sure if animal motifs were suppose to be added or not.  My father would look at this grassy meadow and see it as one big hay field!  Maybe that is the way Emma saw it.  Stitching the grassy meadow is mindless and on those nights when the mind and body are tired it is a good way to continue making progress without a lot of thought and energy.

Normally, I stitch the border as I go.  There were several colors of fibers which I had to order for Emma and the only colors I had were the colors of the border so I just kept stitching and hoping and waiting for the other fibers to arrive.

The next Homespun Gathering is in June--Can I finish Emma in time?  

Friday, April 21, 2017

Jo's Little Favorites II

Uh oh, she (Jo Morton) has done it to me again!  Jo will be releasing her second Little Favorites book in mid-May.  (Don't tell AppleJack, I already pre-ordered)

This is one of the quilt patterns from her Favorite's II.  When I participated in the LWC class, Jo called this quilt Raspberry Parfait.

The quilt hanging on the back of the chair is Pottery Shards--another quilt I made from the LWS class--this quilt is also in Favorite's II.

Don't start thinking because I have made two of the fifteen quilts from Favorite's II that I would not be adding this book to my collection.  Because there are quilts like this one with the beautiful fall colors calling my name.

Nashville is receiving some much needed rain, so no garden work or weeding tonight--I'm going to dig in my Jo Morton fabric stash and start choosing fabric for Favorite's II.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Blue and White

Bibliophile:  a person who loves or collects books, especially as examples of fine or unusual printing, binding or the like.  In my case add color,  photos and directions.  I treated myself to a new book:  Blue and White by Minick and Simpson.  I have always been drawn to the style of Minick and Simpson which is present in their quilts, hooked rugs and fabrics.  Am keeping the book handy for inspiration and ideas.  Am thinking about a blue and white room of my own filled with these elements from my own home.

When Grandmother Bessie was newly married she lived with Sarah Miranda, her mother-in-law.  Sarah Miranda had a loom in one of her upstairs bedrooms and wove coverlets for each of her nine sons.  Each time I see this coverlet, I think of Grandmother Bessie and Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda.

This Wild Geese quilt helps to drive the cold wind away during the cold, long winters.

Isn't the blue in Miss Liberty's skirt a pretty shade?

A simple nine patch doll quilt

A cross stitch coverlet pinkeep

Blue Willow dishes

A hex in the works

Tyler's Lion--another cross stitch design

Maybe one day, I will have a blue and white room just like this one from Minick and Simpson

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Gathering

Stars in the Garden
Yellow Creek Quilt Designs
Primitive Quilts Magazine Spring 2013

Anne finished her hexie--and it is beautiful.  Anne's father is making a frame for this quilt--the hexie's are 1/4"

Carriage House Samplings
A Mind Independent and Free

This photo does not even begin to do this piece of needlework justice.  This is a Carriage House sampler Anne adapted showing her father's genealogy.  The bottom half of the sampler is stitched one over one with her father's genealogy--a true heirloom!  (Am guessing this piece to be approx 4' long)

Samplers NotForgotten
Bird Song

Debby stitched this beautiful piece of needlework.  The colors are vibrant and the wonky flowers just make this piece of needlework all the more interesting.  (Sorry for the upside down photo--I couldn't figure out how to turn it)

Primitive Quilts Fall 2016, Winter 2016 and Spring 2017
Wool Applique Sampler by Blackberry Primitives

Linda is stitching this wool appliqué quilt offered as a block of the month, or kit through Blackberry Primitives.

North and South
Primitive Quilts Magazine

Susan finished the quilting on my North and South quilt in time for the gathering--once again, she did a beautiful job--she never disappoints!

The Gatherings are such a special time--friends, good food, beautiful needlework, talk of future projects.