Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Blue and White

Bibliophile:  a person who loves or collects books, especially as examples of fine or unusual printing, binding or the like.  In my case add color,  photos and directions.  I treated myself to a new book:  Blue and White by Minick and Simpson.  I have always been drawn to the style of Minick and Simpson which is present in their quilts, hooked rugs and fabrics.  Am keeping the book handy for inspiration and ideas.  Am thinking about a blue and white room of my own filled with these elements from my own home.

When Grandmother Bessie was newly married she lived with Sarah Miranda, her mother-in-law.  Sarah Miranda had a loom in one of her upstairs bedrooms and wove coverlets for each of her nine sons.  Each time I see this coverlet, I think of Grandmother Bessie and Great Grandmother Sarah Miranda.

This Wild Geese quilt helps to drive the cold wind away during the cold, long winters.

Isn't the blue in Miss Liberty's skirt a pretty shade?

A simple nine patch doll quilt

A cross stitch coverlet pinkeep

Blue Willow dishes

A hex in the works

Tyler's Lion--another cross stitch design

Maybe one day, I will have a blue and white room just like this one from Minick and Simpson


  1. I just might have to order that book. Before I checked the blogs, I was looking up blue homespun fabric! What a coincident.

  2. I love all of your blue and white inspiration. This color duo speaks to me!

  3. I like their style too. Enjoy your new book!

  4. What a lovely post, I love blues and whites the colors make me happy.
    Love that Lion, Miss Liberty is a beauty.