Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last minute details

While sitting in church this morning, the minister reminded everyone there are nine days until Christmas!

So many last minute details, do I use the green dishes

or the red ones?

Pancakes and sausage or ham and eggs for Christmas morning breakfast?

 I am hoping to hear the Christmas elves ringing the doorbell with some last minute deliveries.

I'll keep the lights on for them, just in case.

These guys aren't helping, they are suppose to be bringing snow but instead brought freezing rain and ice.

AppleJack says take a deep breath, calm down--everything will be magical on Christmas morning.


  1. While green is my favorite color, I LOVE the red dishes!! They look more Christmasy. Here in the Arizona desert, there's not a snowball's chance of a white Christmas! lol I sure miss the seasons.

  2. Decisions, matter what you choose, all will be wonderful!

  3. I love all your choices! Not the freezing rain though. We got snow, with a tiny layer of ice on top. I'd rather not see any snow or ice or sleet or etc ever again, personally.

  4. Applejack has the right idea! By the way, I love your red dishes!

  5. Applejack is right! Lovely post :)

  6. Applejack has the right idea, it will all work out on the day