Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift Ideas

Gift giving for me can sometimes be very challenging.  There are times I rack my pea brain gift shopping.  Regardless of the time of year, I am always on the search for "just the right gift."  While checking out at JoAnn's I found this Gooseberry Patch recipe book.  It is appropriately titled Our Favorite Christmas Recipes

Our Favorite Christmas Recipes measures 4 1/2" by 5 1/2" and is held together by a spiral.  There are recipes for appetizers, beverages, breads, cookies and candy, desserts and main dishes--geared for the holidays.  The recipes are easy to make and delicious.  For example:  Sweet Pumpkin Dip, Parmesan Crostini, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Hot Cocoa Nog, my mouth is watering. 

On the back side of each recipe is a decorating, serving, sharing idea. So, if you are like me and always on the search for the perfect gift, this is a great gift for those who love to cook and decorate for Christmas--great stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift. 

For the record--Jo Ann and Vickie, the Gooseberry Patch girls have never heard of me. 


  1. Mouth-watering recipes! Sounds like a great collection!