Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Upper Cumberland Quilt Show Part III

White Plains
Putnam County, Tennessee

White Plains was a new venue for the Upper Cumberland Quilt Show.  The antebellum house was built  by Stephen Burton in 1848. The house was a stop over for the stagecoach traveling the Walton Road between Knoxville and Nashville.  All three of Tennessee's presidents, Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk and Andrew Johnson were guests at the home.

This woven coverlet was being warmed in front of the fireplace.

This quilt was made in the early 1860's.  The quilt was used on the beds for the guests traveling by stagecoach on the Walton Road between Knoxville and Nashville.

The friends of White Plains had done a beautiful job staging the home with quilts, antiques and flowers.  They even served punch and tea cookies from the dining room.

The friends of White Plains are currently working to restore the home:  a worth while endeavor.  A beautiful piece of Tennessee history worth saving.


  1. Love the bits of history you have shared.
    The quilting on that first quilt is incredible--and I love the coverlet!

  2. Nice seeing a piece of history and the quilts too! enjoy your weekend - Mel

  3. What a remarkable venue for the show. The quilting on the applique quilt is so beautiful and in immaculate condition for actually being used!

  4. Beautiful! Everything is so lovely! What cracks me up though, is that around here there is also a White Plains and a Putnam County. lol!