Saturday, October 8, 2016

Crown of Thorns

Primitive Gatherings Frivol #7
Songbird Gatherings Fabric
Crown of Thorns

My name is Betty and I have a fabric collection addiction problem.  Isn't admitting you have a problem one of the steps in the twelve step program?  I love nice fabric, the feel, the colors and the designs all sing to my heart and call my name.

What's a Frivol?  It is a collectible tin containing 42 squares of 7" x 7" fabric, a classic pattern which finishes to 15" x 35" and a small surprise from Moda.  There were several of the Frivol's which caught my eye and the one I chose to make was Frivol #7.  The pattern is a very traditional pattern, Crown of Thorns.  I do love me some red fabric and the Songbird Gatherings fabric sure fills that bill.

After finishing the North and South quilt, my sewing mojo took a mini break.  Between the combination of taking much longer to finish the North and South quilt than I had anticipated and a very late fall with temps still in the high 80's, I needed a quilting break.  Christmas is just a few short months away (it is hard to focus on Christmas when the temps are still in the 80's) and the red fabrics in the Frivol #7, would sure make a nice Christmas quilt.  Who knows, by starting this small quilt in October, it might actually be finished in time for Christmas or Valentine's.

Lisa Bonegan, the designer of Frivol #7 included HST piecing papers in the kit.  The addition of the piecing papers speeds up the process and makes for some nice accurate HST's.  The directions complete with diagrams are easy to follow and the time to sew the blocks goes quickly.  Measuring and trimming the HST's makes them even more accurate.  When I was in Paducah for Quilt Week, one of my shopping stops was at Hancock's and they had the Songbird collection of fabric in stock.  I was able to purchase setting fabric, backing fabric and binding fabric.

So far I have limited myself to just one Frivol; however my fabric addiction may be stronger than my will power and I may cave and purchase another one or two.


  1. Oh, you temptress! This is the only Frivol that has been calling my name, but I have resisted so far. I'd better stay away from quilt shops this weekend, as you have torn down much of the wall I had built! *LOL*
    Looks really good, Betty!

  2. Lisa Bonegan always designs beautiful fabrics and lovely designs. How fun to do a little something cute and fast.

  3. A beautiful start to your Frivol project!
    I adore this fabric collection.

  4. gorgeous new project Betty! I'm curious about your comment on the paper piecing for the HST. Is that the same as EPP or something different? You must be taking a stitching hiatus - for these long hot still summer temps - stitching is still reigning supreme at my house. No hooking to be seen as yet, I'm just not ready for WOOL if you can believe that!
    I thought after the dreaded hurricane Matthew - it might bring on fall temps - NOT ! soon maybe Mel

  5. Oh that's lovely!! I like the idea of the papers for the HSTs.

  6. Hi Betty,
    I share that same fabric addiction and figure there are much worse things to be addicted to!!
    I'm not an actual quilter but love them and yours is so pretty! Fabric makes me happy, too!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~