Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Where Art Thou?

Crown of Thorns
Frivol #7 by Primitive Gatherings
Songbird Gatherings Fabric

Slowly, ever so slowly I am making progress on the Crown of Thorns quilt.  The official date for fall is September 22 (that was almost a month ago).  With temps still in the high 80's it does not feel like fall!  There is no color, it is hotter than Hades, it is very dry and brown and ugly!  With all the beautiful colors, cooler temps, soups, sweaters and decorations fall is one of my favorite seasons.  I am blaming my lack of progress on my projects on the hot weather!

Whew!  I made a huge error on the Crown of Thorns quilt and am so glad I purchased extra fabric--I am sure going to need it to compensate for my mistake.

Grant House1865 Sampler
Chessie and Me
30 count Confederate Gray linen
NPI Silks

Chessie and Me released this design at the Nashville Needlework Market in March 2016.  It is a smallish sampler and will go great with my patriotic quilts.  At the top of the sampler there is this great eagle and the words Preserve the Union.  I really like the way Linda incorporated the date into the grass.

Stacy Nash Primitives
Country Sampler--Schoolgirl Sampler Spring Sewing Bag

I have fallen behind, way behind on the club projects.  While Stacy calls this a spring sewing bag, I have changed the linen colors and fibers to match some homespun and rick rack I had in my stash.

My finishing fabric is more fall like than spring like and I changed some of the fibers to better match the finishing fabric.

The weather man is forecasting a significant drop in temps for the weekend.  Bring it on!  Maybe the cooler temps is the motivation I need to get myself in gear and get some of these projects finished.


  1. Fall is at my house, just in case you are wondering. Cool and rainy and wonderful--for one more day. : )
    I am loving that Crown of Thorns. I know they have this at a LQS so I am sitting here repeating to myself "I will not succumb, I will not succumb!!"
    I love the cross-stitch projects.
    A Fall colored bag is nice any time of year. I carry one with my "stuff" that my daughters bought me for my birthday one year. They said it looked like me. I am such a Fall girl. : )

  2. Fall has definitely made itself known in the Pacific NW. We even had a Fall storm this week-end just to make it official. The quilt is looking very pretty as are the stitching projects. I always like a design that has a red house!

  3. Your Crown of Thorns blocks are lovely. I like the red and brown together -- always one of my favorite combinations. I'm interested to see how you make your bag out of that beautiful plaid fabric. Is it linen or cotton?
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  4. What lovely WIPs you have shared! We had a taste of fall here, but the temps are rising to the mid 80s again.

  5. Love the Crown of Thorns, beautiful colors together.
    Chessie and Me has such adorable designs.
    Warm here in Minnesota today about 65.
    Love the plaid fabric.


  6. my folks are on their way to your beloved Tenn. I hope it turns cooler for them - we are SICK of the heat - almost 90 here today - so sad but yes I hear it's going to actually hit the 50's at night here in the deep south this weekend - bring on the Brunswick stew and chili and some "wooley" projects. I'm ready - OH MY ! I love the rick rack trim and homespun you found for the SN club project - love your Grant house too. I knew there must be stitching going on around there - hope you enjoy a "fall" weekend to come. Mel

  7. Glad you had some extra fabric for your quilt which does have a fall look. Hope the weather soon matches the season.

  8. Your Crown of Thorns blocks are looking wonderful!
    Great news about the extra fabric.
    Your Grand House Sampler is off to a beautiful start.
    Crossing my fingers that cooler Fall temps will be here to stay very soon!

  9. Everything looks great! hate when I make a mistake -- good that you have extra fabric to make up for it. A cold front moved through here -- talk about a huge difference in temperatures!