Wednesday, October 26, 2016


 November is just a few short days away!  The temps are still in the high 70's and there has not been the beautiful fall color.  Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby and manufactured fall color.

The dishes are like Grandmother Bessie's pattern called Autumn Leaf, the Fiesta wear from Belk added the beautiful red which is missing from this years leaf color 

 This is Blackbird's Autumn Song.

Haven't seen many acorns this year, the squirrels who occupy our backyard in the winter will be disappointed.  Again, thank goodness for manufactured Hobby Lobby fall.

My version of pumpkin row.  My wool stash has lots of fall color.


  1. Looks like you found the colors of Autumn just fine. Love all your displays. Wonderful cross stitch and wool projects.

  2. loved seeing a little of your fall decorating. the autumn song is beautiful and a lovely finish. Pumpkin Row is very cool too! loved the little Jo Morton you showed in a prior post. I know it's still way too warm here but thank goodness we have had cooler nights. Enjoy what's left of October - Mel

  3. You have done well manufacturing Fall indoors, in spite of outdoor temps.
    Pumpkin Row looks great! I love wool in Fall colors. It just seems meant to be. : )

  4. The fall colors may not be outside, but you've definitely brought them inside. Your wool pumpkin runner is lovely.

  5. At least all of your wonderful things do bring Fall to your home. We are very cool and rainy here. In fact, the rainiest Oct. on record and that says a lot for the Pacific NW!

  6. Your decorating brings Autumn in very nicely. Very beautiful!

  7. Love your fall decorations!
    That stitchery is gorgeous as is your Pumpkin runner.
    Your Crow table mat is darling as well.