Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Jo Morton Little Favorites

Saturday is the Homespun Gathering.  One of my favorite things about the reunion group is the sharing of completed projects.

The long armed quilter did a fabulous job on the Jo Morton Little Favorites.

The Baptist fan quilting on the Christmas log cabin is just over the top.  I followed Jo's direction about the single fold binding.

This is a Stacy Nash club piece.  

Another Stacy Nash club piece.  One of my favorite Valentine sayings.

I also have two pieces to pick up from the framer:  Annie Magnolia and Christmas at Hollyberry Farm.

Now to decide on what food to share.


  1. Love the creations you will be sharing. Wonderful, warm feelings radiate from them! : )
    I have especially had my eye on that second quilt in the Jo Morton book--someday. *sigh*

  2. All the projects are lovely. You could share any of them and be proud.

  3. So much eye candy in your post! I love all your color combinations

  4. All beautiful projects!
    Wishing you a fabulous time at the club reunion. I'm sure that Show & Tell will be wonderful! Enjoy!

  5. What fabulous finishes! Have a great club reunion.

  6. Your quilts are beautiful, love the combinations of color and patterns.
    The two stitched pieces are beautiful also.
    I hope you have loads of fun at your Club Reunion.


  7. Fabulous finishes. You're going to have a lot of Ooooo's and Ahhhhhh's at the club meeting. It's funny how a deadline can get us reved up.

  8. hope you enjoy the gathering ! I know you will share some great photos as always. Loved your Jo Morton little quilts - gorgeous! and your Stacy Nash club pieces are adorable too. Happy Friday and have a great weekend - Mel

  9. Oh my! Everything looks wonderful! Hope your gathering is fun! It sounds like it will be!