Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Curb Garden

Next Year had a problem.  It was one of those troublesome spots--nothing would grown, not even grass.  Applejack and I planted grass, we added soil amendments, we watered and no matter what our best gardening efforts every year we got the same results--a patch of Johnson grass!

In August of 2007, we decided to try a new approach.  Before I go further, let me say August in Tennessee is hot and dry and is not the recommended time to plant a new garden.  But, everything we had tried was not working so we decided to take a different approach.  We dug up the troublesome spot, it was hot, it was dry, it was filled with weeds and Johnson grass.  We added more soil amendments and we planted it with bargain plants.  By the time August rolls around most garden centers have reduced the price of their plants.  Many of the plants are 50%  off and some have been reduced to 75%.  We figured, at these prices if the plants did not survive we did not have a lot invested.

Purple coneflower


Red yarrow


Russian sage

There are many children who live in our neighborhood and they love to visit the curb garden.  They smell the flowers, watch the butterflies which visit and stop to see what is blooming.  

We plant seasonal flowers--pansies and daffodils in the spring, mums in the fall.  

Our curb garden has become one of our favorite parts of Next Year.  We never thought our eye sore would turn into the beauty spot.  

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