Friday, June 1, 2012

Jo Morton Raspberry Swirl

It's a rainy day at Thistle Manor with overcast skies and showers.  The rain is very needed to help the gardens prepare themselves for the hot dry months of July and August.  The rain is non discriminating.  Translation:  there will be many weeds to pull next week and flowers to deadhead.

Miss Callie Mae has been taking advantage of this rainy day by catching up on her sleep.

At Thistle Manor, AppleJack says we have inside chores and outside chores.  With the rain showers, today is an inside kind of chore day.  I started working on my Jo Morton Raspberry Swirl June homework assignment.  Here is the progress:

I am using Jo Morton and French General fabrics.  A completed square is 5."  There will be nine total squares in the quilt plus the sashings and borders.  So far so good, I have not had any melt downs and there is a long way to go.  I do not like waiting until the last minute to start my homework, I think Grandmother Bessie taught me this.

Here is what Jo Morton writes about Raspberry Swirl:  "I think these Goose tracks blocks are adorable especially in the 5" size used in this quilt.  I'm going to use mine during the Holidays, it is just perfect for our home.  It is fun to have a new quilt each year.  Red and cream equals classic, timeless, traditional,  I never get tired of it."  I think this quilt could also be used at Valentines.  Since there is so much red used on the front of the quilt with the goose tracks (or raspberry swirls), sashings, and border, I am thinking of using a shirting for the backing.  Any thoughts?

"Hello Cat Mother, I'm here to help with quality control and color selection."

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  1. Oh it's soooo pretty! I love the colors you're using! A shirting would be great for the backing too. Can't wait to see more!