Monday, June 4, 2012

Wash Day

Grandmother Bessie was a creature of habit.  Monday was always wash day for her.  In the course of her lifetime wash day became evolutionary.

In her early days of doing laundry, it began here:  she would build a fire under this large iron kettle and heat water until it was boiling. 

                          She would scrub the clothes on a wash board

 And then there was the ironing

Can you image how the quality of her life must have improved when she started doing her laundry on an electric washing machine?

Mrs. Brock was Grandmother Bessie's next door neighbor.  They were very competitive with each other.  Mrs. Brock was an early riser and would always have her laundry hanging on the clothesline to dry before Grandmother Bessie.  One Sunday, Grandmother decided she was tired of seeing Mrs. Brock's laundry hanging on the clothesline before hers.  Grandmother Bessie washed her clothes on Sunday evening, got up really early on Monday morning and had her clothes drying on the line before Mrs. Brock.  Grandmother always took great pleasure in sharing this story. 

My Grandfather did not share Grandmother's enthusiasm about wash day.  Grandfather Isaac felt Grandmother washed more than necessary and would hide his overalls from her.


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  1. What a cute story about your grandmother's wash day--and your grandpa hiding his overalls! Oh, I wish I had that wonderful iron're right..laundry "stuff" has come a long way..I want that pot in my landscape! LoL!