Saturday, June 9, 2012

Food Fair--Coming to your Neighborhood

One of the many reasons I love summer is because of the Food Fairs!  Each year local farmers and growers sell their fruits, veggies, eggs, flowers, honey, and homemade goods at local food fairs.

There is an abundance of fresh veggies

Locally grown and picked fresh




The man who grows this fruit is the nicest man!  He is very quiet, his booth is very simple.  Each time we see him he has the nicest smile!  

There are huge buckets of fresh flowers.

Sunflowers--their sunny disposition just makes me smile

Bright and colorful--Grandmother Bessie called these flowers Old Maids--they were one of her favorites

Hatcher Dairy with fresh dairy products

Homemade candles

There is music, children in strollers, dogs on leashes and so much more

Just think, it is only June there is so much more of summer to come.  So many more days with Food Fair's.  I hope there is a Food Fair in your neighborhood or community.  GO!  

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