Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My secret quilting weapon aka square in a square ruler

One of the many things I enjoy about quilters and stitchers and gardeners is their sense of adventure.  They are forever listening and watching and learning.  They listen for new tips, new ideas, new ways to do things and especially a new place to shop!

After Jo Morton class on Saturday, my partner in crime and shopping Carmen and I decided to take a short road trip to Spring Hill and check out a new quilt shop.  Several quilters had been talking about the new shop and since it was a pretty day and we did not have other pressing plans, we decided Saturday afternoon was the day.

Dancing Bobbin is the name of quilt shop in Spring Hill and it did not disappoint!  There were lots of yummy fabrics (some of them half price), a long arm quilting machine in operation and two of the nicest owners/quilters.  There were many beautiful quilts on display.  There were quilts being pieced and some being quilted.

As were talking with our newly found kindred spirits, Linda showed us a wonderful ruler called a square in a square and showed us how to use it.  Eureka!  Two of the most impressive things about this ruler is the speed and accuracy in piecing.  There also seems to be an endless variety of patterns.

The next Jo Morton class is Flying Geese.  The quilt is tiny--doll size!  Several years ago AppleJack refinished a crib size spindle bed.  I will be using my new secret weapon square in a square ruler to make a flying geese quilt for the bed.  Remember, all that wonderful Blueberry Crumb cake fabric I purchased earlier this year?  I will be using it in the flying geese quilt.

So far the square in a square has been very enjoyable to use and I am making great progress!  Tonight, I suspect AppleJack will find me fast asleep with the quilt book on my head as I study, plot and plan future quilts using this ruler and book.

Are there other secret quilting weapons out there waiting for me to discover?

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  1. Oh your new quilt is so pretty! I've never heard of that square in square ruler. Cool beans! There are so many new devices out there that simplify things.