Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Erica Michaels Designs

Erica Michaels
Nancy Alden, 1795 (reproduction)
Now that the Nashville Needlework Market 2016 is in the history books, I will share Erica Michaels (Linda Stolz, designer) beautiful releases.  Linda is one of the stitch girls who attends the Homespun Gatherings Reunion Group.  Yes, it is wonderful to have our very own designer in the group.

Here is what Linda writes about the sampler:  
I stumbled across the original tablet format sampler one day at my local frame shop and was delighted when the owner allowed me to reproduce it.  That bird in the lower corner really grabbed my attention, but the entire sampler is wonderful.  It's likely English, although we don't know much about Nancy Alden at this point.  Mostly worked in cross stitches, there are also eyelets and a few bullion knots, with the Lord's Pray and Apostle's Creed worked over one thread.

Linda had chosen small motifs from the sampler and stitched them.  As her time allows, she will be finishing them into needlebooks, etc.  She had mounted the bird onto a small hornbook and with the holes could be used as a threadboard. 

The smaller strawberries are stitched on silk gauze, the larger berries are stitched on linen.  Difficult to choose a favorite. These strawberries were awesome and Linda has many more creative ideas floating in her head for more strawberry designs.   


  1. Just beautiful!
    Was heavily into counted cross-stitch in a former life. That sampler is no small task!!

  2. What a beautiful sampler! And a nice collection of strawberries, too.

  3. That is such a beautiful sampler, and I love all the strawberries!

  4. Such a beautiful Sampler.
    I love those needlework Strawberries, very clever!

  5. The Strawberry's are adorable, love them all, what a wonderful Sampler so beautiful. The Hornbook is beautiful also.


  6. What a beautiful piece. Are you planning on making the sampler too?

  7. Seriously? You have the designer behind Erica Michaels Designs in your group? Wow!!!! And wow! Oh I'm in trouble. I love that repro!! Love the pieces she's doing too. Is the repro going to be released? Love it!!

  8. Beautiful beautiful rero sampler! HOW COOL that you have a designer right in your group! Lovely strawberries! love Annette

  9. A beautiful sampler, I love the bird too.
    The strawberries are fantastic! I wouldn't stop at just one...
    Thank you for sharing!