Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sadie's Quilt from Jo's Little Favorites

Sadie's Quilt (aka Callie Mae's Quilt)
from the book Jo's Little Favorites
20" x 24"

When I first saw Sadie's Quilt in Jo Morton's book Jo's Little Favorites, I knew I wanted to make this quilt.  In the book Jo writes:  What's autumn without a seasonal quilt accenting your home?  I'm not big on the name Sadie and since Miss Callie Mae Calico is a calico and her kitty fur is much like the colors in this quilt, I changed the name to Callie Mae's quilt.

This is the backing fabric.  Someone gifted this fabric to me a couple of years ago and with the oranges in the quilt this seemed a good choice.

Each time I make a small quilt it is a learning experience.

  • the Creative Grid rulers called Itty-Bitty Eights designed by Primitive Gatherings have made a big difference for me in cutting and measuring accuracy
  • Pins, pins and more pins are my new best friends
  • If the fabric is flimsy, I use spray starch to give the fabric some additional body
  • using a design wall/board helps me with layout.  A trip to Lowes for a form insulation sheet and a  50% off coupon at JoAnn's for quilt lining made an affordable design wall
  • Patience  (Small quilts require time and patience) 
My quilt (flimsy) doesn't look exactly like the one pictured in Jo's book, but it is close enough for me.  This is going to be a really fun quilt to use for fall decorations.

It's a beautiful warm spring like day here in Nashville.  Fresh air and garden clean up will give me some time to think about my next Jo quilt.  Am torn between starting the Christmas Log Cabin or Meg's Four Patch doll quilt.  The log cabin would sure be nice for Christmas but I need a spring quilt.  Decisions, decisions.


  1. Such a nice quilt too! At first I thought I saw a big quilt...that is always if it looks like that. ANd the name is nice;)

  2. What a beautiful quilt for fall and Love the new name. Good reminder about patience in all of our projects.

  3. Beautiful quilt! And I agree... a home needs seasonal themed quilts in it.... especially autumn! :-)

  4. This is a great little quilt, and I love the backing too!

  5. This one really caught my eye in the book, too.
    I'd say you have done an excellent job reproducing it. Makes me want to grab my book and start making one, but I must be strong! : )

  6. What a stunning quilt! I'm sure miss Callie Mae is going to purr..fectly love it. (grin)

  7. Your quilt is beautiful, love the fall colors, perfect backing choice.
    It is 63 right now here in Minnesota in Annandale, I love spring.


  8. Beautiful quilt - I love the colors! I tried my hand at making some small quilts a few years ago and as you say they require time and patience. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  9. What a lovely little quilt. I can imagine it took lots of patience!

  10. It's very cute! I just got my book in the mail yesterday, and this was one of my favorites.

  11. I love the colors in "Sadie's Quilt". I see you changed the name of the quilt and it does suit the look very well.

  12. I love the colors in "Sadie's Quilt". I see you changed the name of the quilt and it does suit the look very well.

  13. I just love that sweet quilt. Those cheddar ..oh my!!! You are right about the tiny ones taking think you should be able to whip them right out....NOT.

  14. Miss Callie Mae's quilt is so beautiful ! enjoy pondering your next. the stacy nash girl club piece is adorable. Have a great week - mel