Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jo Morton Christmas Log Cabin

Jo's Little Favorites
Christmas Log Cabin
Finished size 16" x  21"

Here is my latest addition to the growing Jo Morton little quilts--Christmas Log Cabin.  I enjoy seasonal decorations and did not want Christmas to sneak up on me.  (Yes, I am very slow)

Here are some of the things I learned while making this quilt:
  • Instead of using holiday fabric, I choose seasonal fabric (reds and greens for Christmas) 
  • Replace dull blades and needles, makes for more accurate cutting and sewing.  However, use caution when replacing rotary blades they are sharp! (Yes, I have trimmed some fingernails and needed band aids.  In addition to being a slow sewer, I am also a klutz).
  • Dig into your scrap pile.  The strips for the log cabin are 1" wide.
  • Slow stitching helps with accuracy--the one time when my slow stitching becomes an asset
  • If you are new to quilting, the log cabin design is a good place to start.  You don't have to worry about points and the design is very versatile
  • Nice backs make nice fronts
  • Rely on help from your assistant

    Miss Callie Mae Calico, best assistant ever!
Am still deciding on the next quilt, the choices have narrowed down to two:  Nine patch checkerboard or Meg's Four Patch.  Like most others I have a full schedule and with warmer weather my garden needs attention.

This is the backing fabric--I thought the white in the fabric is like little stars brightly shinning.


  1. Very nice Betty and while it's Christmas reds and greens it does not look so Christmasy that you are restricted to displaying in only during Christmas. I do know that it would not have been possible with out miss Cali May.

  2. Very cute--love it! I am a big fan of seasonal colors without specific holiday prints.

  3. Your Christmas Log Cabin turned out darling!
    And your fabric choices make this perfect to display before and after the holiday season.

  4. What a super log cabin mini you created! I really like your fabric choices.

  5. I love when you accelerate into quilting mode ! it's so fun seeing your creations and choice of fabric. I have fallen into hexie world myself and am currently working with some Kaffe fabrics - put on the sunglasses - I usually work with civil war prints but spring is in the air and those pinks and purples are just A OK! hope you have a great easter - Mel

  6. Log Cabin is one of my favorite quilt patterns. I LOVE THIS!

  7. A very sweet Christmas decoration - love the skinny logs, looks very effective.

  8. Loved reading your list. The Christmas log cabin is bright and cheerful and looks like your could enjoy it more than just over the holidays. The skinny logs adds to the scrappiness. It's a wonderful finish.

  9. I bought the book also..and I want to make that quilt first. Thank-you for sharing..I love it. Barbara Barrieau California

  10. What a beautiful quilt! Congratulations on the finish. Your assistant is lovely. =)

  11. Positively beautiful quilt lovely finish,
    love the backing fabric.


  12. I love the fabrics in your Christmas Log Cabin. You and your lovely assistant did a wonderful job! And nice choice for the backing fabric.

  13. It looks beautiful! Log Cabin is one of my favorites, especially with the thin strips like yours.