Thursday, January 19, 2012

Helleborus orientalis--Lenten Rose

Helleborus or Lenten Rose is one of my favorite perennials.  It blooms in the winter!  It has been know to push its way through  a blanket of  snow to show its beautiful blooms.  This perennial has a very dark green leathery foliage. Helleborus perfers to be planted in a loose woodsy soil where there is shade.  The woods behind Thistle Manor seems to be the idea home for Helleborus. The blooms range in color from white, pink, purple, and mauve.

Many of the plants at Thistle Manor are on the "get tough or die" program.  Being a neglectful gardener, many of the plants thrive on neglect.  Helleborus is one of the plants which thrives on neglect and made the decision to get tough. One of my outside winter chores is removing the very heavy leaf covering from the Helleborus so I can see the beautiful blooms from the kitchen window. 

Seeing the Helleborus bloom always brings a smile to my face, because I know spring is on the way and the other perennials will soon be showing their heads and returning like old friends.

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  1. Very pretty! I don't know that that plant grows here--I'll have to look for it! I noticed daffodils shooting their way up through the ground.

    Love your Home of a Needleworker!