Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heart of Country

If you are an antiques lover now is the time of year to be in Music City!  This year marks the 31st anniversary of the Heart of Country Antique Show Feb 2-4.  American art, folk art, western art, pottery, quilts, decoys, sports, jewelry, nautical, historical, rugs, baskets, paint, pewter, silver, books, and endless decorative accessories from North to South.  This year Jill Peterson, author, American country stylist, and editor of the popular magazine, A Simple Life, is the guest speaker.

In addition to the Heart of Country Antique Show there are two other antique shows happening across the street.  One is The Fiddler's Antique Show and the other is Tailgate-Music Valley Antique Show.  Bring you wallet.

While you are in Tennessee for the antiques shopping consider taking a drive to Athens to see the Schoolgirl Samplers at the McMinn County Living Heritage Museum.  The McMinn County Living Heritage Museum is well known for its beautiful quilts, coverlets, and hooked rugs.  The Museum textiles collection will be temporarily expanded to include rare American and Tennessee samplers.  Ashley Rush, the Museum's executive director says "young women not only created exquisite and unique works of art, but the motifs and phrases they stitched also allowed them to study spelling, geography, and morality, as well as the needlework technique prized in well educated young ladies of the time."

So, if you love antiques and especially antique samplers now is the time to come for a visit.  You are most kindly welcome to stop by Thistle Manor, I'll ask AppleJack to put on the coffee pot!


  1. Oh, to dream. One day I will get there!

  2. We always planned to tour Amercia and Australia when we retired but Ray can't fly now so we will never get there but blogging is a great way to see the world and different cultures.