Monday, January 23, 2012

1st Jo Morton Little Women Class

Saturday was my first Jo Morton Little Women quilt class.  WOW!  Our instructor had completed examples of the miniature quilts we will be making. 

After seeing the quilts and reading and hearing the instructions for the first project I am feeling more than intimidated!  One thing I have learned:  there are always going to people with more advanced skills than me, always going to be over achievers, always . . .  So, its decision time.  I can either choose to let myself feel intimidated or pull on the big girl britches and get started.   Want to guess which one I am choosing?

The first project is in the lower left hand corner.  It's pink. I am not a pink fan.  Good thing I have a good supply of walnut dye.

Here are some photos of the fabric.

Those fabrics are calling my name!

While waiting for the class to start, I found Barbara Brackman's William Morris Tapestry fabric.  If you have not seen this fabric, go to your local quilt, fabric, hobby shop and see it.  I knew I was in trouble when I started hyper ventilating and the shop owner brought a brown paper bag to help me with my breathing!


  1. Such yummy fabric! I hope you enjoy the Jo Morton pieces. Looks like fun! I love the Wm Morris fabric -- had to get me some of course. lol!

  2. Don't be intimidated. You are going to have so much fun in this Club. Do you get to pick your own fabrics for each mini quilt or are you following the model colors?
    Have fun... I can't wait to see your first finish.

  3. I started this club saturday also and feel the same as you. My teacher said I should see her after class...she was being nice, just making sure that I understood the basics. Anyway I've started on my 4 patch blocks and am having fun so hang in there!

    1. I just now relized that this is you blog Betty you have been holding out on me

  4. Don't be intimidated. I think that the idea of taking a class is so that you not only learn from the instructor but with and from the other participants.

    I love the fabric. It is easy to hyperventilate around gorgeous material, threads and designs charts.