Thursday, January 26, 2012

Marinated Asparagus

Raise your hand if you do not like asparagus.  True confession--until a couple of years ago, I was in the category of "No thank you, no asparagus for me."  Visualize in your minds, Snoopy going "Bleah."  My Mother taught nutrition classes for several years and would sound out the health benefits of eating asparagus:

1,  can detoxify our system
2.  has anti aging functions
3.  considered an aphrodisiac
4.  protects against cancer
5.  reduces pain and inflammation
6.  prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
7.  reduces risk of heart disease
8.  prevents birth defects
9.  solution for world peace

Not really about the world peace, but Mother would start singing the virtues of asparagus and she was convinced it was the answer to just about everything.  I became very clever in ways of moving asparagus around on my plate.  All this changed when our friend, Sandra invited us to dinner and she served marinated asparagus.  The recipe is very simple and is a great make ahead dish for all of us who have limited time.

Marinated Asparagus

one large can of asparagus
one half cup of sugar or Splenda
one half cup of vinegar
one half teaspoon salt
one teaspoon pepper
one half lemon, juiced
three teaspoons canola oil or olive oil

Mix everything but asparagus until sugar is dissolved.  pour marinate over asparagus and refrigerate overnight.

No more Betty Snoopy going "Bleah."

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  1. We love asparagus but it is expensie to buy in the UK.