Sunday, January 1, 2012

Next Year at Thistle Manor

Next Year, no not 2012, Next Year is the name of my garden.  When I am weeding, dead heading, weeding, pruning, weeding, planting, weeding, watering, weeding in the garden I find myself saying:  "Next year, I am going to plant more perennials.  Next year, I am going to spray the roses before they get black spot.  Next year, I am going to add the Bird Girl ornament.  Next year, I am going to. . ."  Hence the name of the garden became Next Year.  My friend Cindy says naming the garden Next Year is a sign of the eternal optimist in me.  I think Cindy is being kind.  I sometimes think it is a sign I am less than diligent about caring for the neglected garden. 

Going to garden centers is fun!  Going to garden centers is dangerous for the wallet.  AppleJack says I can do some serious shopping at the garden center.  I have a good relationship with the garden center and in January when the catalogues start arriving, I start making the gardening list.  It is so much cheaper, time saving, and easier on the back to ask the garden center to order perennials, ground covers, herbs and pick up at one time in one location. 

2012 Plans for Next Year at Thistle Manor
  1. Ground cover--full sun, will need at least two trays,
  2. Tansy--invasive.  Remember to plant to contain or else. .
  3. Russian sage
  4. Blue Flax--this is a wonderful plant.  Blue Flax can eventually become linen
  5. Creeping soapwort--makes a wonderful ground cover and smells so good
  6. Ferns--especially Cinnamon fern
  7. Hosta???   Do I have enough shade?
  8. Amaranth--such a hardy annual
  9. Plan more bulbs--they are so pretty to look at in the spring
  10. Grandmother Bessie type annuals--Maids, marigolds,


  1. Next Year is a great name for a garden! I agree with your find, it shows that you are an optimist! Happy New Year!

  2. I haven't heard of amaranth before will have to look up. I love my garden and get great pleasure working out planting schemes. We have a constant battle with the wind and the salt air but the climate is mild. I like hostas but so do the slugs.

    What do you have to watch out for in your part of the world?