Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mail Call

I watch MASH re runs.  All of the characters in MASH are my favorites.  I especially like Radar O'Reily and Klinger when they would say "mail call."  They delivered mail to Hawkeye from his father who lived in  Crabapple Cove Maine, they delivered mail to B. J. Hunnicutt from Mill Valley, California.  Margaret received mail from Donald Penobscot and lovable Colonel Potter received mail from Mildred who lived in Hannibal,  Missouri.

Mail call at Thistle Manor is a big deal.  Great Grandfather John Palmer ran the post office at Pigeonville.  Grandfather Isaac delivered mail on horse back in the Smokey Mountains.  My father was a Post Master,  and AppleJack also worked for the USPS for many years, retiring in 2010.  I have a long history with the postal department.  There are many colorful stories from each of these men in my life about the post office.

Every day one of my favorite questions to AppleJack is "Did I get any mail today?"  There is good mail--a package from a shop or stitcher, a letter from a friend, the arrival of a favorite magazine or a catalog.  Of course, there is also bad mail--bills.  AppleJack put a stop to junk mail many years ago.

Today was a good mail day.  Why?  The arrival of the spring catalog from Hancocks of Paducah.

 I spend hours drooling, studying, turning the pages of this catalog.

 When I need inspiration I look at this catalog and start thinking about how to use a particular fabric in a project.

The winter volume is filled with one hundred and sixty seven pages of mouth watering, eye candy fabric!  AppleJack often finds me asleep in bed with the catalog covering my face.  I am sure I am having sweet fabric dreams.

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  1. I love reading your posts. You write very well. I am doing your recipe tomorrow we are celebrating my future DIL's birthday.