Monday, January 30, 2012

Garden Gate Sewing Book by Stacy Nash

WOW!  It is the end of January, time flies when you are having fun!  There are still many weeks of winter left.  The winter has been very mild to date.  Only one snow (a light dusting) and temps not so cold.  In walking thru Next Year (the garden) I have already started seeing many signs of spring!  Including weeds, lots and lots of weeds.  As we get closer to spring, I am going to be a busy busy girl with yard work and pulling weeds, more weeds and when that is finished more weeds!  As I look forward to spring, here is another Stacy Nash piece called Garden Gate.  I found this piece in my "needs more work stash."

This is front of the sewing book.

This is the inside of the sewing book.

This is the back of the sewing book.  Stacy's original design for Garden Gate does not have any stitching on the back.  Hmm.  In typical Thistle Manor style, I thought this would be the area to take some creative licensing and make it my own.  I have searched through my Stacy Nash designs and will be adding some personalization on the back.  I over dyed the linen for this piece with some of my black walnut concoction.  The black walnut dye has worked its magic, aging the piece.  I have to wait until AppleJack is on a mission  to break out the black walnut concoction because it has a mighty smell!

These are the fabrics I have selected for the inside of the sewing book--Civil War reproductions!

So, while I wait for spring, Garden Gate will be a nice distraction.


  1. Ooooooh! So pretty! I love all the stitching on this piece! And the fabrics -- simply gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing it all put together!

  2. The fabrics are lovely. Can't wait to see your sewing book all put together.

  3. Pretty stitching and the fabrics are pretty too!

  4. I do like the fabrics, they have a lovely vintage and rustic look that goes so well with stitching. Hope you finish it soon and post a photo.

    I never know where all the different states are, I get them confused but have looked up TN and Nashville so I can picture where you are now.