Monday, January 9, 2012

One ring a ding

Does anyone remember Ernestine from Rowen and Martin's Laugh In show?  Ernestine was that lovable telephone operator.  It went like this:  One ring a ding ding.  Two ring a ding ding.  Oh, gracious, good afternoon.  Yesterday, I received a good ring a ding ding telephone call from my long arm quilter.  She was calling to tell me my Jo Morton Country Spice quilt was finished and ready to be picked up.  This was a good ring a ding ding telephone call.

Am off to pick up the quilt, which is now ready for the binding and I can add another finish to my 2011/2012 quilting reduce my stash goals. 

Photos to follow.  By the way Lily Tomlin played the entertaining telephone operator Ernestine

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