Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day at Thistle Manor 2012

Valentine's Day--Hope your day is filled with hearts and flowers and cards and candy (lots of candy, chocolate candy).  Winter of 2012 has been some crazy kind of winter.  Music City had an exceptionally warm January and a light dusting of snow.  This past weekend there were record lows and snow is in the forecast for tonight.  Mother Nature, she is a hard one to figure.

Since it is Valentine's Day thought I would take a walk around Thistle Manor and survey Next Year and see what is blooming.

Daffodils!  Where is your winter coat, you will need it tonight.

Spring is six weeks away!

Lenten Rose!  I think I finally might have planted the right plant in the right location.

The Lenten Rose has such a variety of colors to offer.

Their internal clock is right on schedule for blooming in conjunction with Ash Wednesday

The Lenten Rose looks so delicate, but so strong.

Does anyone recognize this specimen?  Well, this would be your everyday common variety of THISTLE!  It is February and already making its presence known.  Oh, Thistle Manor your name is so honestly earned.

And these guys, I found them marked down to forty nine cents (yes cents) at Aldi!  They were sitting next to the $49.99 rose arrangements.  Thought they would add some cheer to the dinner table.

Hope your day is filled with Valentine flowers or the hope of flowers to come.

PS.  I received an email today from my garden center--my plant order will soon be arriving.  Yipee!  Remind me of my excitement when I share my woes of my poor aching back!


  1. I have never seen Lenten Rose before, I wonder if I can get it in the UK.

    Happy Valentine to you and Applejack xxx

  2. Nothing growing around here. I'd love some daffodils!

  3. I love those daffodils! Happy St. Valentine's Day!