Friday, February 24, 2012

All About Eve

The last time we saw Miss Eve she was running around the Garden of Eden like a chicken with her head cut off.

Seems quite fitting she would be running around like a chicken with her head cut off because she was waiting for the needlewoman to plant herself in the stitch chair and get needle pulling thread.

Presenting Miss Eve from Eden

Miss Eve is one of the many reasons I fell in love with this sampler.  I love the expression on her face!  The look on Eve's face is the picture perfect definition of busted!

She also reminds me of a sweet neanderthal or the Bride of Frankenstein or with all that hair she could be auditioning for the Broadway musical Hair.  Below are some of the lyrics to the Broadway musical Hair.  I think these lyrics describe Miss Eve's hair perfectly.

Gimme head with hair
Long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming
Streaming, flaxen, waxen

Give me down to there hair
Shoulder length or longer
Here baby, there mama
Everywhere daddy daddy

Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Flow it, show it
Long as God can grow it
My hair

Also presenting Mr Adam, Eve's date mate.

Since the title of this post is All About Eve, I thought I would point out a few more of Eve's features.  Notice the fashionable "V" in the crown of her hair and Eve has chosen a much more interesting fig leaf than Adam.

Now onto stitching some insects!  The insects are much much smaller than Eve.  Yesterday the temps in Music City were in the seventies and I worked outside weeding Next Year.  I have a good case of "gardeners legs" today.  Sitting in the stitch chair working on the insects sounds like an excellent way to recover from my case of gardeners legs.


  1. I love your editorial comments about poor Eve....She truly has that "oh, so, busted" look on her face!! Too funny!....but true.

    Great progress...can't wait to see more critters! Take care, Faye

  2. Love this one! You are so right about the expressions!

  3. Her expression is brilliant, nice to see some humour in a sampler.

    It's my back that gets me when I garden but so worth it when the plants are in full bloom.

  4. Eve looks great and she does have that 'busted' look on her face!

  5. So true!!! And so funny!! I need to dig this one out and dust it off....could be a new start this year! I love it!