Saturday, February 25, 2012

Eden is Infested with Bugs

It has been a quiet cool day at Thistle Manor and I have continued to work on the Appil sampler.  I was so pleased to finish Eve, this has given me motivation to continue.  Today I have been stitching the bugs and insects.

Since Eve and Adam have been busted, the two of them have to deal with the insects.  I wonder if Adam had an infestation of aphids on his roses?  How did Eve deal with the Japanese beetles who eat everything in sight?

Don't you love this guys red eyes?  Creepy!

I also stitched the snakes tail.  Of course my mind was wandering while I was stitching.  I first thought the snakes tail looked like a heart.  I reminded myself this is a snakes tail and thought it looked more like an ace of spades.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another quiet day at Thistle Manor and I can continue stitching.  There is more grassy knoll to stitch and a kitty cat!


  1. You are making great progress. It is amazing where the mind wanders when you get into a design. LOL.

  2. I look for your post every single time I turn on the laptop it seems...I LOVE your progress and editorials with this stunning piece...Sounds you have the perfect Sunday lined up at Thistle Manor..~~~ Enjoy! Faye