Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The evolution of Eve

When I last posted about the Scarlet Letter sampler,  An All Was For An Appil, I had just begun to stitch Eve.  I'm still stitching on Eve.  The Appil sampler has large motifs and Eve being one of the most important characters in the story is a big motif on the sampler.

Eve is now standing on two legs!

But now poor Eve has an even bigger problem since last posing for her photograph.  She is headless!

As I was stitching on Eve I started thinking about calling her the Headless House Woman of Eden.  To make her life more interesting, I miscounted on her hair and had to rework some of her hair with extensions.  As I stitched and studied her more I thought maybe she had chosen a different hair style and decided to give herself a new look--you know hair on one side of her head and short, really, really short hair on the other side.  In reading Laurie's (Corgi Cottage) post from yesterday, Laurie used the terms robotics to describe an Adam and Eve she had been stitching.  I was so happy to read this--makes me think I am not the only stitcher who sees their Adam and Eve with personalities.  Seems I also remember someone calling Adam and Eve the orange glow people once.  Laughter and humor is a good thing!

Hopefully, next post Eve will have found her head and will be sporting a guilty look.


  1. Nice progress on Eve! I remember stitching on Eve--midway through, I changed to a new skein of DMC only to find that the dye lots were different. Thankfully I found another skein that matched. A friend says that AAWFAA looks like the Beetlejuice cartoon character! LOL

  2. Eve certainly has character and personality! I can see why you talk to her.

  3. Very nice!! Love how it's coming along. Poor headless Eve. lol!

  4. You're making nice progress... but poor Eve does need her head.

  5. It is amazing what we think about as we sew. Beautiful progress. At least Eve has her modesty fig leaf.