Friday, February 10, 2012

The Moon, the Stars and the Evolution of Eve

Since I have my Jo Morton homework finished, I decided to re direct my attention and time to the Scarlet Letter sampler,  An All Was For An Appil.  I was working on the clouds on the right side of the chart.

The clouds on the right side of the sampler are stitched!  This means I have now established the width of the sampler which is 17 (the framer will be more accurate).

In addition to the clouds, I stitched the moon

and the stars

and the beginning of Eve.  Do you see her?  She is standing on the grassy knoll.

 Here are my theories on Eve at this moment in stitching time.

Theory #1

AppleJack and I do volunteer work with women in recovery.  It has been our observation most of the women are in recovery because of poor decisions.  And. . . who of us have not made some poor decisions?  I digress, back to Eve and her predicament.  Here's the way I see it:  Eve realizes she has listened to that cagey, sly, sleazy, slithering, smooth talking snake and is facing serious consequences.  Eve knows that life in Eden is about to change.   Instead of easy picking at the fruit tree and lovely bouquets of flowers to share with Adam, weeds, thorns and thistles are in her immediate future.  Realizing she is going to have to earn her figs "by the sweat of her brow," she decides to go down to the local department store and audition as a mannequin in the hosiery department.

Theory #2

Eve is standing on one leg because she is waiting in line to use the Eden outhouse.  The line is long and she is suffering from TB (tiny bladder).

Theory #3

Eve is camera shy.  She heard she was going to be photographed and only had time to shave one leg and she did not want the camera to catch the unshaved one.

Eve has been the most fun motif to stitch on this sampler.  After I get both her legs stitched, I will begin stitching her hair.  Have you seen her hair?  I don't think Eve is going to need a wig any time soon, but will be spending some serious $$$ in conditioner.  Does anyone remember the song Hair from the musical?  I think this Eve might have given the songwriters inspiration!


  1. Looking so good! lol about your theories! I think Eve is camera shy myself. :D You are making me want to get my AAWFAA back out. Which is good -- I have a hard time with this piece for some reason.

  2. Your sampler looks great. LOL... loved your theories about Eve.

  3. Hah! I vote for theory #2. The colors are lovely.

  4. What a fun sampler - enjoyed all your pics!

  5. LOL I love your theories, funnily enough I too have been stitching Adam and Eve tonight.