Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marathon Village--Another Nashville Gem

I believe every city has its own unique and special places--hidden gems.  Music City has many hidden gems.  AppleJack has a very high sense of adventure!  He loves exploring, finding new places.  Several years ago while either reading the newspaper or listening to public radio he learned about Marathon Village.

There was a visionary young man named Barry Walker who had brought the run down Marathon Car Factory.  When I say run down, neglected, dilapidated, let me also add Marathon Village was located in a very run down, marginal part of town.  To put it mildly, you only went there in the daylight hours and you didn't plan on staying long.

Barry's vision was to return Marathon Village to its former productive glory and allow artisans and craftsmen studio space.  AppleJack and I were working on a pie safe and needed to find someone who could design a pattern for the metal tins of the pie safe.  There was an artisan living and working at Marathon Village and Barry introduced us.

Barry has never given up on his vision for Marathon Village.  Each time we go to Marathon Village there are more and more improvements.  Like many urban renewals it is now quite the trendy place.  Many people in the music business use Marathon as locations to film their music videos or host parties.

This building was one of the first buildings which Barry restored.  This building houses his collection of Marathon cars.
This is Barry's first fully restored Marathon car.  From time to time, this car will make an appearance at special events.
Another one of Barry's restored Marathon cars.

Pretty classy, don't you think?  I could enjoy riding around in this!
I believe Barry found this one buried in mud
Wouldn't we all like to have the good fortune of the two young men who won a car with a $1.00 raffle ticket?

These are parts of a Marathon car which Barry found while renovating the building.
Barry continues to work on restoring Marathon Village.  This building is next on the list.
Can't wait to see what Barry does with the entrance to this building.
One of my favorite parts of Marathon Village are the doors.
Some people would have found these old tools and tossed them as scrap--not Barry.
Junk to some--art to others!
Metal found inside transformed into doors.
The graffiti painted on the buildings, takes on an artistic touch.
For those of you thinking no one is taking notice of Barry's hard work and vision--this is the historic marker acknowledging Marathon Village as  a significant place in Tennessee and American history.

Some people look at Marathon and say "it's just a run down old building, where the pigeons poop, and the homeless sleep."  Barry only sees potential!


  1. There is a good moral to this post. What is a pie safe?