Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mail Call--UK Version

AppleJack returned from the post office smiling and carrying a package under his arm.  The package was for me from the United Kingdom.  I love mail call!  The package was from Nicola at Stitching by a Cornish Sea.  Inside the package was a quilt book written by Robyn Pandolp titled Stitched with Love:  A Mother's Quilting Legacy. 

Nicola is helping me to face my fear of applique.  The book including CD is filled with wonderful photos and directions on applique.  Thank you Nicola--I feel enpowered and ready to tackle Jo Morton Yankee Doodle applique quilt. 

And . . . Nicola had also included fat quarters of lovely blue fabric.  More motivation to get started on my homework.

Bloggers and needleworkers are just the best!

The book is filled with beautiful photographs like this, notice the cats


  1. Don't you just love mail days like that!! How sweet of Nicola!

  2. So glad it arrived safely and quickly too. Check out Robyn's fabrics they are beautiful.

    I don't know if you remember that we take turns to cook a dinner for the family with an international theme and it is my turn again next week and I need a fail safe recipe.

    I am going for traditional American and suggestions for main and dessert would be appreciated. The last twice I have used your recipes for dessert and they have been a big hit.

  3. Enjoy your book and best of luck with your applique. Nicola is a very generous stitching friend.

  4. So kind of Nicola to help you out! Enjoy your new book!