Friday, February 3, 2012

Tokens of Love--The Goode Huswife

In 2002, Anne Brown, The Goode Huswife, released a reproduction sampler called Quaker Marriage Sampler.  The design is small and has two Quaker motifs.  Anne writes:  "this is a wonderful small Quaker Marriage Sampler.  If you would like to personalize it for yourself or friends, a chart of letters and numbers is provided."  I took Anne's direction and personalized it with the initials of my Grandfather Isaac and Grandmother Bessie and the year they were married.

Isn't the finishing fabulous!  Note:  it was not finished by me, but by a wonderful lady also named Betty.  I tell her all the time "you make my needlework look good."  The wool-- found wool on the 1st Saturday of the month at the Goodwill.  In the words of Martha "it's a good thing."

One of my favorite love stories about Grandfather Isaac and Grandmother Bessie is their first meeting.  Grandfather Isaac ran away from home at age 17 and joined the Calvary.  When Grandfather was honorably discharged from the Calvary and returned home to Emert's Cove in Sevier County,  he had to walk home from the train station in Sevierville to Emert's Cove.  As he was walking home, he noticed a man and three women shocking hay.  He made a mental note to himself:  "I am going to marry a woman like one of those women, a woman who is not afraid of hard work."  And he did, one of the women shocking hay was Grandmother Bessie.

Side note to Carmen:  Thank you!  In my original post I had said the design was Sheepish Design


  1. I love the story about your grandparents! How romantic! Great finish and nice finishing by Betty too!

  2. Betty, I think that this pattern is The Good Huswife, lovely finish. How is your quilt coming? I'm looking at the time you posted this do you never sleep??

  3. A simple but beautiful pattern, it's nice to dedicate a piece to a loved one.

    The story of your grandparents reminded me about my Italian maternal grandparents. My Noono was a small man and my Noona a tall big woman, he always said that he married her as she was strong and would be able to work hard on the farm. I think he was serious too!

    Wishing you and Applejack a wonderful weekend xxx