Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Little Red R Sampler by The Goode Huswife

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year 2010, is the year of the golden tiger.  For AppleJack and me, the year 2010 will forever be known as the "R" year.  Why the "R" year?  AppleJack had a heart attack in 2010 and many things in our lives changed.
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Recheck--many rechecks, more rechecks, many procedures
  • Rehab--thank you Vanderbilt Dayani Center
  • Retirement--15 years from the USPS
  • Repair-home air conditioning unit
  • Replace--refrigerator, floor covering in AppleJack's room, the garage door, the front door awning, the water heater, the car starter and battery, cell phone
  • Refurbish--upstairs bathroom
  • Refinance home mortgage
  • Relax--Primitives of the Midwest in Kansas City
  • Room in the Inn (volunteer)
  • Re evaluate priorities
These are some of the reasons the year 2010 will be called the Year of the "R."

Another one of my favorite designers is The Goode Huswife (Anne Brown).  When I saw The Little Red R Sampler, I knew this was the perfect sampler to stitch for our Year of the R.  Anne writes this about the sampler:  This Quaker sampler was left unsigned and undated, but possibly the red R in the upper right hand corner, or the W under the alphabet is a clue to it's maker.  Many years ago, I took a class Maureen Appleton, The Heart's Content, was teaching.  One of the neat things Maureen shared during the class was about the letter she wrote and attached to the backs of her samplers.  The letter would contain information about events which had happened in Maureen's life while she was stitching the sampler.  I thought this was a very neat idea.  Since 2010 was a very eventful year in our life, I decided to do the same with the Little Red  R Sampler.  

The letter has been written and when I carry the sampler to my framer extraordinaire, I will carry the letter and ask her to attach it to the back of the sampler.


  1. What a wonderful idea about the letter :) I hope Applejack is now fully recovered and rested and relaxed :)

  2. I've always loved this piece. It's definitely so appropriate for your year of the R. Love the letter idea.

  3. Your letter idea is wonderful. Love this sweet sampler.

  4. That is a wonderful idea. A very pretty sampler!

  5. What a wonderful idea. It's so thrilling when you find a message from the past. I wonder who and when your letter will be found?

    What is Room in the Inn?

    Your sampler us beautiful.