Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jo Morton Yankee Doodle Class Two

Saturday was my second Jo Morton class.  The class began with show and tell.  Class members were asked to show their quilts and talk about any construction challenges.  In addition to learning new techniques and skills, one of the most fun parts for me is the show and tell.  All the quilts were lovely and it was fun to see the different color pallets.  There are some skilled, talented quilters in this class!  One of the many things I learned during the show and tell was quilt labels!  Attached to the backs of the quilts was a label telling  about the quilt.  The future generation of quilters will have information about the quilt and no more guessing games!  I have now added quilt labels to my shopping list.  Am open for suggestions.

After the incredible show and tell, the class was given instructions for an on going quilt--Yankee Doodle!  Not only is Yankee Doodle a miniature--it is an applique miniature!  In addition to never having made a miniature quilt prior to Aunt Maude, I do not do appliqué.  Many of the class members embrace appliqué!  There were at least three class members who had large appliqué quilts in the works.  And one lady had already completed Yankee Doodle!  Does every class have an over achiever?

If I was overwhelmed about a miniature, appliqué is a league and language all its own.  Hand, machine, reverse, freezer paper, needle turn are all types of appliqué.  There are new tools--sharps and appliqué scissors.  Then there is the blind stitch.  Yikes!

Yankee Doodle will be an on going class (whew).  If I thought I needed to stay after class the first time, I can see me spending many remedial hours in the learning lab with Yankee Doodle.

Quilting Squares, the quilt shop, had the new line of Jo Morton fabric called Bridgeport.  Below are some fat quarters of the Bridgeport line.  I also purchased other fat quarters (my buyer resistance boots were not helping).

Rain and snow is Music City's afternoon forecast--the perfect forecast for quilting.  This afternoon while AppleJack and Miss Callie Mae take their nap, I will be in the All Purpose Work Room with Aunt Maude and Yankee Doodle.


  1. I love your posts and your take on life. I have a spare copy of a lovely book by Robyn Pandolph which you will enjoy. Email me your address.

    Check out her quilts on google.

  2. Love those fabrics! I've seen some lovely quilt labels done with people embroidering the information on them. I want to try that for whenever I finish my next quilt.

  3. You picked a wonderful assortment of new fat quarters. Have you decided which applique method you'll try first?
    I make quilt labels using my computer printer. I affix a piece of muslin to freezer paper, create the label using my word processing software and then print the label out on my created fabric paper.

  4. Don't worry you will master really is not hard! Lovely fabrics you bought!

  5. Oh my!!! I love that Yankee Doodle quilt!! Yes, I love to applique. Haven't done it in a long time, but I love it. Hand work for quilting is my preference. And those fabrics. Now why did you have to show them?! They're gorgeous!!!! Sigh. Your buying boots didn't help you, and I think you're leading me down the same path. lolol!